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The 15 Top Influencers To Follow For Amazing Style Inspo In Your 40s

The 15 Top Influencers To Follow For Amazing Style Inspo In Your 40s


Fashion is universal, but you already know that. However, how we dress as we get older starts to change and that’s just a natural progression. For women looking for style inspiration, the pool of fashion influencers who are over 40 often appears very small as the 30s and under crowd seems to dominate the fashion space. As always, we’ve done the hard work and saved you days of searching for your style hero.

In recent years, fashion influencers over 40 are proving that social media isn’t just for millennials and they sure are giving influencers in their 20s and 30s a run for their money. For these influencers, the saying “life begins at 40” is definitely true because they are living their best fashionable lives yet.  Fashion Bloggers Over 40

“As a woman gets older, it’s more about style than fashion. A woman knowing herself more and more, and looking for new things, is getting into her own personal style, being more than just a fashion addict. I’m interested in that.”

—Nicolas Ghesquière

The greatest thing about being stylish after 40 lies in the fact that 40+ women are no longer wearing clothes just because they are trendy, they’re wearing pieces that suit their bodies and fit in with their unique personalities and lifestyle. This means that the clothes never wear them and when they step out, they do so confidently!

Just because you have crossed the 40 mark does not mean you can no longer play with colors, wear shorts, sparkle or show off a little skin. It means you can do all these and more because you now understand what works for your body type. Ready to prove that with age comes great style? lifestyle influencers over 40.

Let these fashion influencers over 40 inspire your wardrobe choices…

#1. Lisa Folawiyo

Who should follow: Lisa is a style role model for the lady who is anti-trend, edgy and uber-chic; the non-conformist!

#2. Tamu McPherson  Fashion Bloggers Over 40

Who should follow: If your style is fiercely fun, edgy, and vibrant with a bias for feminine vintage pieces plush a hint of the contemporary, Tamu is your style BFF. 

#3. Alexandra Lapp

Who should follow: Not afraid of bright colors and rich hues? Totally here for power chic vibes? Need to up your layering and accessorizing game? Then you should draw closer to Alexandra Lapp. lifestyle influencers over 40

#4. Folake Kuye Huntoon

Who should follow: For the lady who is unapologetically feminine, chic, and timeless with her style, Folake’s got more than a pantry full of inspiration. 

#5. Tracee Elis Ross

Who should follow: From the coolest gym wear to red carpet glam looks, Tracee’s style is an eclectic mix of fun pieces any woman, from Broadway to Hollywood, can relate with. What’s not to love?

#6. Monica Awe-Etuk

Who should follow: Smart, effortless, urban, and refreshingly ageless, Monica’s style is for the woman who is eternally young at heart. lifestyle influencers over 40

#7. Füsun Lindner 

Who should follow: Parisian chic, New York fab, Milan posh and London elegance all come alive in Füsun’s style. Consider her look the love child of all the fashion capitals and get inspiration for whichever city you adopt for the day.

#8. Original Mangu

Who should follow: Her page may be inactive for now yet Mangu’s Instagram remains a curvy girl’s style heaven. Here’s hoping that she returns to the game soon.

#9. Yutee Rone

Who should follow: If you’re here for sophisticated and unpredictable styling, Yutee is all the inspiration you need.

#10. Kim Mitchell

Who should follow: If all you ever wanted was for your kids to call you a cool mom, frequent inspiration from Kim Mitchell will help make your dream come true.

#11. Nimi Nwofor

Who should follow: For the eternal girly girl who doesn’t want to choose between dressing modestly and dressing stylishly, Nimi Nwofor will keep your vision alive.

#12. Gitta Banko

Who should follow: Need to see sharp tailoring, contemporary chic, and the true meaning of street style fabulosity on a regular? Then Gitta Banko is your girl!

#13. Veronica Odeka

Who should follow: If skirts are your chosen fashion arsenal, consider Veronica Odeka your partner in crime.

#14. Codigo Pilar

Who should follow: The working-class mom who is also aspiring to be the most fashionable mom on the block will see her goal come true in Codigo Pilar’s style.

#15. Anna Lolomari

Who should follow: Vibrant, energetic, and classy, if Anna Lolomari’s style doesn’t easily win you over, we can bet a few thousand dollars that her smile will.

Did we miss your faves? Let us know in the comment section below.

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