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The Best ‘Balanced’ Celebrity Looks From This Past Weekend

The Best ‘Balanced’ Celebrity Looks From This Past Weekend

Some celebrities have an effortless sort of style, some have an edgy vibe, then we have the special ones who have found a balance between these two categories. This past weekend, we caught up with some of our Nigerian favourite celebrities and style stars. From Linda Osifo to Mo Abudu to Mimi Onalaja, what these women have in common asides from being stars in the style category is a balanced sense of style.

You see, for celebrities with an effortless style, they can throw on a simple dress and still exude sartorial grace while the celebs with an edgier vibe tend to sport jaw-dropping ensembles you could only pull off in your dreams. The stars who offer a balanced look prove that anyone can pull off anything and this is why their style offering is often more accessible.

What else? Their confidence and effortlessly graceful nature is also an added attraction and when combined with style, these attributes create looks that are inspiringly unique. 

What does Effortless x Edgy style look like? Check out what some of our faves wore this past weekend…

Nigerian Celebrity style 2019
Og Okonkwo

Fashion Designer, OG Okonkwo of Style Temple delivered a full-on glam look in an effortless monochrome palette. The level of details on this dress explains why it’s hard not to take style lessons when OG shares.

Omowunmi ‘Mimi’ Onalaja

You never know what Omowunmi Onalaja would pull off and that’s what keeps us excited every time we spot her look.

Nigerian Celebrity style 2019
Kika Osunde

No one wants to miss a style lesson from Kika Osunde, especially if you’re a curvy girl. The fashionable entrepreneur is always able to balance her looks and that’s why she’ll remain a style inspiration for edgy styles.

Nigerian Celebrity style 2019
Mo Abudu

Media mogul, Mo Abudu is a powerhouse and her style choices are just as powerful because they are always an unpredictable delight.

Nigerian Celebrity style 2019
Chioma Ikokwu

We never know when hair boss Chioma Ikokwu decides it’s time for a style switch but we make sure we are ever ready. Her takes are always unique and there’s never anything out of place.

Nigerian Celebrity style 2019
Linda Osifo

Move over Toke Makinwa, Linda Osifo is coming for your crown. Just kidding, there’s room for everyone to shine. Since her debut on IG, Linda has steadily improved her style game. It’s been one interesting look after the other and we are so glued!

Nigerian Celebrity style 2019
Idia Aisien

Idia Aisien is a poster child for the ‘balanced look.’ It’s hard to predict how she would turn up but we love her looks anyway.

Photo Credit: IG | As Captioned

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