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The Bow Gele Style Is About To Take Over The Wedding Scene

The Bow Gele Style Is About To Take Over The Wedding Scene

We are currently obsessed with this gele season. The authenticity and creativity that has come out of the gele industry this year alone are simply amazing. We’re literally still reeling from the switch gele and now the advanced bow gele is already creeping up on us. 

I mean, there’s no break really but we don’t need one because these new looks just add to the pool of headwrap options.


We recently discovered the bow gele all thanks to Rukeeyz Makeover and we are already in love. We bet you are too! After all, what’s not to love? As the name implies, this gele style is structured in the form of a bow, giving the otherwise simple fabric a major lift. The bow detailing in itself has a lot of swirls to its structure, offering a refreshing aesthetic to the gele style.

Another take on the bow gele by @beautybyyvon


We predict that this gele style will be taking over the wedding scene before you can say JACK! or should be say JUMOKE!


What do you think of this new style? Will you be rocking this gele style anytime soon? Tell us in the comment section below.

Photo Credit: IG | @rukeeyzmakeover

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