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Take Care Of Your Leather Shoes Like A Pro | Men’s

Take Care Of Your Leather Shoes Like A Pro | Men’s

It is natural for men to be attracted to leather-made goods whether it is in the form of a bag, shoe, wristwatch, wallet etc. However, they tend to forget that leather is skin and requires adequate care else it can get dry, crack, stain or warp.

It is often said that you can tell a lot about a man by looking at his shoes. You may have expensive, stylish leather shoes on but are they in the best condition they could be? It’s important to note that how you take care of your shoes will determine if they last for an extended period to keep on looking sleek and stylish.

Here are a few tips on the best ways to maintain and care for your leather shoes.

Invest in a shoe tree

Photo: Art Tower / Pixabay

Shoe trees are essential for taking care of leather shoes as they keep the shape of the shoe after you’ve worn them. It’s important to use the tree within 1-2 hours after you’ve removed your shoes.

When choosing a pair of shoe tree, you want to make sure it is unvarnished as they will provide better results than the varnished pair. They dry up any moisture that’s accumulated within the shoes and aid the shoe leather in returning to its original shape.

Clean them regularly

It is important to clean the shoes regularly  – that includes polishing the shoes too. Polishing the shoes provide essential nourishment for the leather and keeps them looking shiny and new. Remember to always match the polish to the colour of the shoes. The quicker you clean your shoes, the less likely they’ll be to stain, and over time dirt becomes harder to remove, so the more regularly you clean your shoes, the easier it will be.

Repairs should be done only by a trusted cobbler

Photo: Daniel H / Unsplash

Professional cobblers know exactly what they are doing and they have the necessary tools and equipment available to carry out repair tasks. You may love DIYs but never try to repair the shoes yourself!

If you maintain them properly using the tips above, you’ll end up with a pair of shoes that will last for many years to come and you will be getting a lot more value for your money.

Cover image: Milan / Pexels

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