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Rhonkefella’s Love For Ankara Is #GOALS | See 6 Of Her Best Looks

Rhonkefella’s Love For Ankara Is #GOALS | See 6 Of Her Best Looks

Ronke Enoabasi Adefalujo, popularly known as Rhonkefella, is the true definition of a style influencer! Equipped with pure love for fashion, the ever bubbly and jovial personality built her insta-fame from scratch. Starting out with wearing extra cool outfits and a made-up face to die for, Ronke’s initial idea was to build up on her Rhonkefella Makeovers brand. A trained makeup tech, she began to post her works in a bid for people to see how talented she was as a makeup artist however, that’s not the only thing her followers noticed. They soon caught on with the fact that Ronke had an easy flair for fashion, especially Ankara fashion.

Very soon, micro-blogs began to carry her style on their pages and soon Rhonkefella, the fashion influencer was born. Taking the bull by the horn, she began to model native pieces in very modern ways, mixing prints and giving more definition to the Ankara style. If you already assume she is among the top bloggers who made Ankara fashion huge then you would be correct. Her fashion takes stood out, it was different – a sight for sore eyes if you will; very fun, flirty, bold and ingenious – and with all these wrapped in one, it was hard not to notice the influencer.

After much thought, Rhonkefella moved from just being a fashion blogger and model to actually owning her own line of African inspired pieces using both native and non-native fabrics for her debut collection. But while she owns her own fashion line, she still enjoys modelling for designer friends like SGTC Clothing, Suemanuel and a host of others.

Ronke’s spin on how to style the African print is something that we look forward to, here are 6 times we’ve loved the way she styled her Ankara pieces!

Photo Credit: IG | Therealrhonkefella

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