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John Legend’s ‘Preach’ Is A Soulful Jam With A Strong Purpose

John Legend’s ‘Preach’ Is A Soulful Jam With A Strong Purpose

Writers | John Legend, Greg Kurstin and Sarah Aarons
Producers | Greg Kurstin
Record Label | GOOD Music, Sony and Columbia Records.
Release Date | 15 February 2019
Back Vocals | Sarah Aarons

John Legend has a new song out and if you haven’t heard it then you are on the right page. The song titled “Preach” was released on the 15th of this month.

Promoting the song, John Legend Tweeted:

“Sometimes we can get so frustrated by the news and what’s going on and there’s this battle going on in ourselves. Do we become apathetic? Do we become engaged? Do we just talk about it, or do we do something?” #CantJustPreach


The first line of the song already tells you about the role John is playing. It says:

“Every day I wake and everything is broken / Turnin’ off my phone just to get out of bed.”

For the character in the song, it’s a harrowing feeling to wake up every day to such news as gun violence, police brutality, mass incarceration, mass immigration and all the other societal ills that are currently plaguing the United States of America. It is also emotionally overwhelming and so he seeks to find ways to solve this trouble rather than keep lamenting about them. You would find this in the chorus where he says:

“I can’t sit and hope, I can’t just sit and pray that
I can find the love when all I see is pain
Fallin to my knees, and though I do believe
I can’t just preach, baby, preach.”

In a society that only goes on social media to Preach it is worth noting that what John Legend is doing is not just trying to spark a conversation but to make sure that an intense desire to change the world around us is sparked. This is one of those songs that checks all the boxes but really, does John Legend ever make any bad song?

Preach is another excellent addition to John’s discography. The soulful vocals, production and great writing alongside the images in the video provides the powerful message with the ability to stick to ones thoughts after hearing it. The message must be spread and since music sometimes helps to spread a culture of violence it can also help to spread a clear message about positivity and light.

Watch the video here…

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