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Shakira’s Latest Revelation On Cheating Is Why You Need To Trust Your Gut Feeling

Shakira’s Latest Revelation On Cheating Is Why You Need To Trust Your Gut Feeling



nstincts merged with analytical thinking are the perfect pair. While rationalists debunk the efficacy of trusting your guts, studies show that aligning your instincts with logic yields a more accurate result. A woman’s instinct remains one of the most trusted feelings. It always tilts towards accuracy, and when it comes to cheating, there’s an inbuilt gut feeling that can’t be questioned. This isn’t to be mistaken with paranoia or bouts of insecurity. But rather a nagging feeling alert that something is wrong somewhere. This is usually what triggers you to go looking for physical evidence to prove your instincts right.

Shakira recently revealed how she found out her partner was cheating — from a jam jar! She spotted a half-eaten strawberry jam and knew another woman had been in her house. This is the power of gut feeling and critical thinking.

According to the star, she knows everyone’s preferences in her home and was observant enough to know her partner never eats jam. Perhaps there have been other indicative signs, but this seemed to be the most significant straw that broke the camel’s back.

Shakira’s relationship and split

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Shakira met Gerard Piqué, a Spanish professional soccer player, in 2010 when she filmed a music video for the FIFA World Cup Anthem. About a year later, they confirmed their relationship with the public. They had their first child, Milan Piqué Mebarak, in 2013. And in 2015, their second child, Sasha Piqué Mebarak, arrived.

Shakira revealed her desire to remain unmarried. She preferred to focus on their union, love for each other, and babies. She explained that she enjoys being his girlfriend, as that will keep him on his toes and show him that anything is possible based on his behavior. They were together for 12 years. But like Nelly Furtado rightly sang, “flames to dust. Lovers to friends. Why do all good things come to an end?”

Following the split, Shakira opened up in her cover interview with ELLE on how stressful it was to protect her children from the crisis caused by the scandal and the paparazzi. In addition, the star released a new single, Monotonía, which she dropped in collaboration with Ozuna, to portray how hurt she was and how she suspected what was going on (hinting at her gut feelings). She also released a diss track with obvious pointers directed to her ex.

The power of gut feeling and the importance of trusting it

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As we spotlight Shakira’s cheating experience, it further heralds the accuracy of the power gut feeling. There are a few things to pick up from this happenstance. The indicator or emotion you experience just before making a decision—whether it’s the right one or not—is known as a gut feeling. This emotion may be brought on by particular events or encounters, and even if we are not fully conscious of them, they may nevertheless have an impact on our choices and behaviors.

Things may be triggered in future relationships, leading a person to have a gut feeling that something is not right, even if there is no logical reason for it. It’s important to pay attention to our gut instincts, while also being aware of them and refraining from acting on them without first engaging in critical and logical thinking.

A few expressions of gut feelings

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  • A sudden, irrational feeling of dread or anxiety while meeting a new person.
  • A conviction that, despite the absence of proof, a particular course of action is the right one.
  • Even when someone seems to tell the truth, you have a sneaking suspicion they are lying.
  • A vague impression of impending danger or unpleasant things happening without any supporting details.
  • An impression that, although appearing real, a certain opportunity is too good to be true.
  • Tensed muscles, vivid dreams, etc
  • A sinking feeling or sense of calm over a situation.

Have you ever felt a similar emotion before? Perhaps like Shakira’s cheating experience, that is your guts sending a signal.

Check out 7 tips on how to trust your gut feelings…

#1. Practice mindfulness 

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Pay close attention to your feelings and physiological sensations. Do this without passing judgment. This can help you develop greater awareness of and faith in your intuition.

#2. Listen 

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You can tell whether a decision feels right or bad by listening to your body, which may give you bodily cues like butterflies in your stomach or tightness in your chest. Your heart might also race rapidly, or there’s a strong feeling about something. Calm down and listen to this sign.

#3. Block out the noise 

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Distractions should be avoided at all costs, especially when trying to make a decision. Examples include turning off your phone or finding a quiet place to sit. This will help you regulate your thoughts and emotions.

#4. Practice critical thinking 

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Think back on previous judgments you’ve made, and whether you believed your gut instinct or not. Think back on those choices, and consider whether you should have trusted your instincts.

#5. Follow your gut 

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Often, our initial instincts are the most correct. Try not to overthink or question your gut instinct. If you can’t seem to shake it off, you could be on to something.

#6. Take baby steps 

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Start small and work your way up to bigger judgments by following your instincts. You can train your guts. It becomes easier as you attain mastery.

#7. Get opinions and be open-minded 

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Ask for input from people you respect and trust, then determine whether their opinions agree with yours. Be open to fresh ideas and opinions, but resist letting them replace your gut feeling.

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