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3 Things Regina King Revealed For Her InStyle Magazine Cover | Watch ‘Badass’ Interview

3 Things Regina King Revealed For Her InStyle Magazine Cover | Watch ‘Badass’ Interview


On Wednesday, InStyle revealed its February 2021 cover starring Regina King in an orange Versace dress, photographed by Christian Cody. Inside, the “One Night In Miami” director (her directorial debut which opens January 15) opened up about being a “badass” as she revealed how trusting her instincts has helped to shape her 30-year acting career.

The highly anticipated movie tells the story of a fictionalized meeting of Malcolm X, Muhammad Ali, Jim Brown, and Sam Cooke in a Miami hotel room in February 1964.

Regina King in Versace. | Photo: Christian Cody

In charge of styling were Wayman + Micah, with production by Kelsey Stevens Productions. Regina King’s hair was styled by Larry Sims of Forward Artists, while makeup artist Latrice Johnson worked her face as manicurist Jessica Lee held down the nails department.

For her InStyle cover story, Regina King stunned in selected pieces from top brands such as Versace, Louis Vuitton, Miu Miu, Carolina Herrera, Giambattista Valli, Aliétte, and more.

Regina King in Giambattista Valli dress, Mateo earrings, Jimmy Choo shoes | Photo: Christian Cody

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Here are 3 things Regina King revealed for her Instyle cover…

#1. On the characters in her directorial debut ‘One Night In Miami’

Regina King in Aliétte dress, Cartier earrings, and ring, Jimmy Choo shoes. | Photo: Christian Cody

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Regina King lets us know that she saw her directorial debut as a chance to show the world a side of Black men that is never really portrayed in the media. She believes Black men are mostly portrayed as monoliths when, in fact, there are layers to them. “It really humanized them. I feel like we don’t get the opportunity to see Black men like this, and most of us have Black men who are this layered in our lives, who have this much love and strength and vulnerability, all of those things, in one.” Regina King new movie.

“I want every Black man I know and love to see themselves in this film because I saw them when I read the script. Some could look at [those themes] as subtleties, but they are the big-ticket items I want people to leave with,” she continues.

“That nobody is perfect, and we are just trying to do our best. While these men are legendary, they were trying to do their best. It’s as simple as that.”

#2. On navigating major professional wins at a time of collective strife

Regina King in Carolina Herrera gown, Mateo earrings. | Photo: Christian Cody

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For the star, navigating professional wins has not been easy for her amidst the happenings of the previous year. She lost friends and colleagues and also got to know how nonchalant the Government is about people like her: George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, etc. She says talking to women like her, many of whom are her friends and family, have helped her maintain some level of sanity through it all.

“I’m still in a place of, ‘F*ck. We lost Kobe and Chadwick. And we had an election!’ My mind is exhausted. What I’m doing to get through it is just being honest about that. I’m having moments when I feel like it is really hard to be optimistic, so I’m sharing that with friends and family. I have those women who help prop me up when I’m feeling like, ‘I don’t know about you guys, but I think this is Armageddon. I don’t know how to get through this.’”

#3. On her outlook

Regina King in Louis Vuitton jacket and pants, Harry Winston earrings, necklace, and watch, Christian Louboutin pumps. | Photo: Christian Cody

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Regina King lets us know she’s all about growth in her personal and her professional life. She’s well aware of what works for her and the fact that what works for her isn’t what works for her colleagues in the industry. She also lets us know that she’s in a phase of constant learning about herself and her process.

“Whatever is successful is for that artist. What works for me doesn’t work for Meryl[Streep]. What works for me is that I am not making lateral moves, that I am on an upward trajectory. A lot of this I’m discovering along the way, but I am not compromising my integrity. I’m always continuing to dream.” Regina says.

Watch her Badass Questionnaire with InStyle

Photo credit: Christian Cody for InStyle

See the full feature on InStyle here.

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