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Trend Alert: We’ve Switched To Primary Colors For Fall ( And Maybe A Few Secondary Colors)

Trend Alert: We’ve Switched To Primary Colors For Fall ( And Maybe A Few Secondary Colors)


t’s been ages since I saw primary colors in one place at a time, probably in my art book. While I continue to ponder, it’s with joy that I announce that primary colors are everywhere this fall! Maybe it’s the dampness that came with the global pandemic that pushed everyone towards this dose of brightness. I mean, after all of that boredom, there’s no better way to spice things up as we make a comeback.

Interestingly, the runway of fall ‘21 NY Fashion Week was littered with different shades of blue, red, and yellow. With designers trying to out-color each other, Instagram is buzzing and our closets are already bursting with primary color pieces and so is our entire color palette. It’s at this point we scream out with excitement: “Fall, we’re ready!” 

Check out some uber-stylish primary colors for fall inspirations…

#1. Red

This bold and powerful color gives life and an edge to any outfit. It’s simple, the fiercer you want to appear, the louder the shade of red you choose. Way to go!

#2. Blue

This is one of the primary colors for fall that most individuals agree on because of its universal acceptance. If you’re feeling blue, wear blue. We’re not only talking sky blue shade but also royal blue, classic blue, denim blue and every blue in between.  

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#3. Yellow

This burst of sunshine can do no wrong. Pack heavy on layering different shades of yellow for that bright noticeable vibe. Opt for margarita yellow if you’re feeling a little excited. However, you can tone it down a bit with mustard yellow, just a bit. 

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#4. Green

I know what you’re thinking, green isn’t a primary color. You’re right, but folks have been playing too much on the color wheel. This secondary color is the next favorite thing for fashion designers and street style stars right after the primary colors. 

#5. Orange

Some people took yellow a bit too seriously and decided to spin it a bit with orange. Orange outfits, whether monochrome or as a pop of color, are a must-wear. 

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Here are some more primary colors for fall inspiration + secondary colors…



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