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7 Spectacular Places To Visit In The City Of London

7 Spectacular Places To Visit In The City Of London


London, England’s capital city, is home to some of the world’s most popular landmarks and is one of the most visited cities in the world. This old city steeped in history is full of iconic landmarks and monuments, majestic churches, glorious palaces, grand museums, famed art galleries, and popular parks. The Tower of London, Westminster Bridge, and Buckingham Palace remain London’s longstanding landmarks, and will continue to enthrall visitors and residents alike for the rest of time; but this historic city has lots more to thrill tourists.

From those interested in fashion and shopping to visitors in love with art and history, London has something for everyone. In addition, its blend of rich cultural and historical heritage with cutting-edge technology makes the city a truly modern and cosmopolitan one that continues to charm visitors from all over the world. Today, we’ll explore a selection of places to visit in London for your pleasure.

Check out 7 spectacular places to visit when you come to London…

#1. Science Museum, Kensington

Photo: @ec33/Instagram

Kensington is a great home for science and culture, flaunting some of the city’s most impressive museums. Its seven-story Science Museum charts the progress made in science over the past three centuries. Lovers of science and science history will have a great deal to learn, admire, and imbibe in this historic museum.

#2. Victoria and Albert Museum, Kensington

Photo: @bymyseul/Instagram

Close to the Science Museum is the Victoria and Albert Museum, or V&A. Victoria and Albert Museum is the world’s leading museum of art and design with over 2.8 million items in its collection spanning over 5,000 years of human creativity. Items in V&A include resources for the study of book arts, theater and performance, architecture, furniture, sculpture, painting, jewelry, ceramics, and fashion. Fashion aficionados will be fascinated by outfits that track the evolution of fashion from the 17th century down to our contemporary times.

#3. Natural History Museum, Kensington

Photo: @shinewithshanu/Instagram

Next door is the Natural History Museum which houses about 80 million life and earth science specimens. Popular exhibits are animatronic dinosaurs, a gigantic blue whale named Hope, and Martian meteorites. This museum also houses some of the specimens collected by Charles Darwin. The Natural History Museum is definitely a place for lots of fun and even adrenaline-pumping experiences.

#4. London Zoo, Regent’s Park

Photo: @photography_by_dmc/Instagram

London Zoo in Regent’s Park is definitely a go-to place for animal and wildlife enthusiasts. Sometimes referred to as Regent’s Park Zoo, it opened in 1828, becoming the world’s oldest scientific zoo, as it was originally intended for scientific study. Popular exhibits and named attractions of the zoo include Into Africa, Gorilla Kingdom, Animal Adventure, Clore Rainforest Lookout, Tiger Territory, Land of the Lions, and Penguin Beach.

At Penguin Beach, penguins can be seen through large glass panels playing in a large volume of water. Into Africa, which opened in 2006, features zebras, giraffes, warthogs, and wild dogs. The zoo’s Giraffe House is the world’s oldest zoo building still used for its original purpose.

#5. British Museum, Russell Square

Photo: @thephotojoke/Instagram

Dedicated to human history, art, and culture, the British Museum is a treasure store of some of the world’s priceless acquisitions, from the Greek Elgin Marbles to the famous Benin bronzes. Aficionados of African art and material culture will find the enthralling collection of the British Museum a temple of sorts.

Among its diverse collection of African items include an Egyptology collection of giant statues of Pharaohs and Egyptian gods, ornate coffins, and stunning mummies. A visit to the British Museum is sure to excite your mind and etch powerful memories in it. The museum charges no admission fee, except for loan exhibitions.

#6. Sea Life London Aquarium, Westminster

Photo: @baby_chelsea_2019/Instagram

London Aquarium is a giant two-million-liter, three-floor aquarium close to the River Thames at Westminster Bridge. It supports over 500 marine species from every part of the world in 14 themed zones. Creatures to see in this aquarium include sharks, seahorses, clownfish, jellyfish, turtles, and crocodiles. Little wonder it’s one of the most spectacular places to visit in London for a good time.

The aquarium has a glass walkway, known as the Shark Reef Encounter, which offers a spectacular view from above its collection of large sharks. It’s a terrific experience. Aside from the wonder of watching sea creatures, Sea Life London Aquarium also offers 360-degree views of London’s skyline and a fun adventure with Shrek and his DreamWorks friends.

#7. London Eye, Westminster

Photo: @travellifeofficial/Instagram

You’ve probably seen an image of this iconic place in travel magazines or documentaries about London. It’s almost a symbol of London and assuredly one of the best London attractions. At the top of the London Eye (also called the Millennium Wheel), on the South Bank of the Thames, the best views of the city can be seen and enjoyed.

It’s the tallest cantilevered observation wheel in Europe and the most popular paid attraction in the UK, drawing over three million visitors yearly. You’ll cherish a bird’s eye view of the old but cosmopolitan city of London, its monuments, landmarks, and the famous river that runs through it.

Featured image: @natural_history_museum/Instagram 

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