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The 2024 Paris Olympics Is Heralding A New Era Of Sports Fashion

The 2024 Paris Olympics Is Heralding A New Era Of Sports Fashion


Paris is gearing up to host the 2024 Summer Olympics, and it’s not just the athletes and their records that are causing a stir. This year’s Parisian Games are poised to usher in a whole new era of sports fashion, blurring the lines between athletic performance and high fashion.

Traditionally, Olympic apparel has been focused on functionality. Breathable fabrics, aerodynamic cuts, and team colors have dominated the landscape. While these elements remain important, the 2024 games are taking a more fashion-forward approach.

Leading sportswear brands like Nike, Adidas, and Le Coq Sportif are collaborating with renowned designers with outstanding results. Take France, for example. Stéphane Ashpool, a rising star in French fashion, designed their competition uniforms alongside established sportswear brand Le Coq Sportif. This collaboration resulted in a unique collection that blends athletic functionality with Ashpool’s signature streetwear aesthetic.

Think high-performance fabrics with bold stripes and color blocking, or tracksuits featuring innovative cuts and tailoring, like the ones Germany will be sporting, designed by Adidas and featuring a deconstructed take on their classic colors. This fusion of function and flair pushes the boundaries of traditional sports fashion, creating a unique spectacle on the world stage.

Paris, a global fashion capital, provides the perfect backdrop for this sartorial evolution. The city’s rich design history, as well as its reputation for pushing boundaries, give the athletic wear on display a certain something extra. Imagine French elegance infused into competition attire, like the blue, custom-tailored tuxedos Berluti designed for the French team’s opening ceremony entrance.

The 2024 Olympics are also witnessing a move towards greater personalization in sports fashion. While national colors will still play a role, there’s a growing emphasis on celebrating individual athletes and their unique styles. We might see more freedom in accessories, like the custom-designed sneakers Cariuma created for the skateboarding teams of the Netherlands, Slovakia, and Portugal. We might also see customized details on uniforms, or even variations within team outfits that reflect each athlete’s personality, like a splash of color chosen by the athlete. This shift personalizes the Olympic experience, showcasing the athletes not just as competitors, but also as individuals with a sense of style.

Sustainability is another major theme influencing sports fashion at the Paris Olympics. Brands and designers are increasingly using eco-friendly materials and production processes. Recycled polyester, organic cotton, and innovative dyeing techniques are being incorporated into competition wear. This commitment to sustainability reflects a growing awareness of environmental issues within the fashion industry, and the Olympics are setting a powerful example.

Technology is also playing a significant role in the evolution of sports fashion. Imagine uniforms with integrated sensors that monitor an athlete’s performance data or clothing that adapts to different weather conditions. These technological advancements are not just about enhancing performance; they also have the potential to create visually striking and innovative designs.

Here are some of the designers you will spot at the 2024 Paris Olympics…


China Women’s National Football Team in Prada. | Photo: Courtesy of Prada.



Team France in Berluti. | Photo: Kacper Kasprzyk courtesy of Berluti.



Dressed in the USA’s national colors, the track and field kits featured a tank top, paired with shorts and snug sports bottoms for men and women, respectively. | Photo: @nike/Instagram


Le Coq Sportif

In collaboration with French sportswear brand Le Coq Sportif, Pigalle founder Stéphane Ashpool was tasked with designing the French Olympic team’s uniforms for both the Olympic and Paralympic games. Ashpool designed the team’s kits for all 60 disciplines it’s set to participate in. | Photo: @lecoqsportif/Instagram


Alexa Fairchild


J. Lindeberg

Though Ralph Lauren has been Team USA’s official outfitter since 2008, the USA Olympic Golf Team’s uniform will be crafted by Swedish brand J. Lindeberg this year. | Photo: @jlindebergofficial/Instagram






Ben Sherman

Designed by Ben Sherman for Team Great Britain, for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies at the 2024 Olympic Games. | Photo: Courtesy of Ben Sherman



Designed by Pedro Andrade for Team Portugal, for the skateboarding competition at the 2024 Olympic Games. | Photo: Cariuma


Left on Friday

Designed by Laura Low Ah Kee and Shannon Savage for Team Canada, for the women’s beach volleyball competition at the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games. | Photo: Left on Friday


The North Face

Designed by The North Face for Team U.S.A., Team Japan, Team South Korea, and Team Austria, for the sport climbing competition at the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games. | Photo: The North Face

Featured image: @lecoqsportif/Instagram 

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