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Everything We Know About WNBA Rookie, Angel Reese–The Latest Athlete To Own A Soccer Club

Everything We Know About WNBA Rookie, Angel Reese–The Latest Athlete To Own A Soccer Club


Newly signed Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) player, Angel Reese, is quickly becoming a name synonymous with defying expectations. Drafted seventh overall by the Chicago Sky in the 2024 WNBA Draft, she’s already making waves on the court, averaging a solid 11.5 points and 8.5 rebounds in her first two games. But Reese’s ambition extends far beyond the basketball court. In a move that surprised many, she recently became part-owner of a brand new professional women’s soccer team, the DC Power Football Club. Let’s delve deeper into the story of this multi-talented athlete and her latest business venture.

A rising star on the court

Photo: Grace Ahlbom via @angelreese5/Instagram

Reese’s journey began in Randallstown, Maryland, where she honed her skills at St. Frances Academy. Her athletic prowess was evident early on, and she quickly rose through the ranks of collegiate basketball at LSU. She wasn’t just a talented player; Reese was also a savvy marketer, capitalizing on the dawn of the Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) era that determines a player’s valuation with factors such as a player’s success in their respective sport, popularity, and recognizability, and followers on various social media platforms. With a reported NIL valuation of $1.8 million, she landed lucrative deals with major brands like Reebok and Sports Illustrated, cementing her status as a marketable athlete.

Breaking barriers to ownership

Even before entering the WNBA, Angel Reese was setting her sights beyond the court. Reports suggest she has been in talks with the ownership group of the DC Power FC since her college days. This culminated in a historic announcement—Reese, at just 22, became a partial owner of the new women’s soccer team. This move not only makes her a role model for aspiring female athletes but also a pioneer in sports ownership. While the exact percentage of her ownership stake hasn’t been disclosed, it’s understood to be around 5%, funded entirely through her cash reserves.

Photo: @angelreese5/Instagram

When asked about her decision to invest in the DC Power FC, Reese’s passion for growing women’s sports shines through. “I want to help grow women’s sports and elevate female athletes across the board,” she stated. This aligns perfectly with the timing of the USL Super League’s (USLS) launch, where the DC Power FC will compete. This new league, boasting Division I status from U.S. Soccer, promises to significantly elevate the profile of women’s professional soccer in the United States. There’s also a local connection at play—being a Maryland native, Reese’s investment signifies a desire to empower the DMV (D.C., Maryland, Virginia) sports community, particularly when it comes to female athletes.

Reese’s ownership stake in DC Power FC goes beyond mere financial investment. Her star power as a WNBA rookie will undoubtedly bring a new audience to women’s soccer. This cross-promotion between sports could be mutually beneficial, with the DC Power FC attracting basketball fans curious about the beautiful game, while simultaneously introducing Reese’s basketball fans to another group of talented female athletes. There’s also a strong possibility that Reese could leverage her business acumen to contribute to the team’s off-field operations. Her experience with NIL deals and personal branding could prove invaluable in marketing and promoting DC Power FC.

A new era for athlete ownership?

Photo: @angelreese5/Instagram

While athlete ownership in professional sports isn’t entirely new, Reese’s story is particularly significant. She’s a young athlete at the beginning of her professional career, yet she’s already invested in the future of another sport. This could pave the way for a new wave of athlete-owners, particularly those who are passionate about the growth of women’s sports. It’s also worth noting the financial aspect. With the rise of NIL deals and the increasing marketability of female athletes, young stars like Reese might have the resources to make similar ownership plays in the future.

On the court, Angel Reese is already proving her worth as a rising star in the WNBA. Off the court, her ownership stake in the DC Power FC signifies a commitment to elevating women’s sports as a whole. She is a young woman with a bright future. Whether she’s dominating the court or contributing to the growth of women’s soccer, one thing’s for certain: Angel Reese is a name to remember. It will be fascinating to see how her dual roles as athlete and owner unfold in the coming years.

Featured image: @angelreese5/Instagram 

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