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Milk Bath Nails: The Cutest Nail Trend You Should Try This Summer

Milk Bath Nails: The Cutest Nail Trend You Should Try This Summer

Just when we thought we have seen it all with Summer 2019 nail trends comes another whimsical nail art design. Milk Bath Nails have been popping on our radar recently and we couldn’t help falling in love with the floral beauty.

Milk bath nails, which look nothing like the name, is a self-care nail treatment transformed into the most beautiful mani ever. This nail trend involves the use of dried colourful flowers installed on the nail with a milky colour acrylic. Dreamy right?


This has to be the prettiest nail trend to hit Instagram and the best part is that it looks beautiful on every nail length. Whether you are the long nail kind of girl or the shorter length babe, you’ll definitely fall in love with this beauty.

While the design might not be easy to achieve in minutes, it sure deserves the time. Award-winning nail artist and Youtuber Kirsty Meakin in her recent tutorial created the easiest milk bath nails. Kirsty applied the flowers by cutting them in pieces and she applied it onto the nail with clear glue to achieve the milky effect.

Watch the video below…


Here are some of the prettiest Milk Bath Nail designs we’ve seen so far…


Milk Bath Nails
Milk Bath Nails
Felisa Stoutt
Milk Bath Nails
Milk Bath Nails

Watch the video below…

Photo Credit: IG | As Captioned

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