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Men’s Style: 3 Cool Ways To Wear Plaids And Look Super Stylish

Men’s Style: 3 Cool Ways To Wear Plaids And Look Super Stylish

Just a little cheat sheet to help you differentiate the different types of plaids

Plaids have been around for a while and by all indications, the plaid look is not going anywhere any time soon. Whether it’s a shirt, pants, pajamas or vest, everyone’s owned a plaid piece at some point between childhood and adulthood so it’s only natural that the plaid look is a must-have basic for every casual wardrobe.

The great thing about plaids is that they come in so many forms and variations so everyone can easily find a colour, texture or plaid pattern that works for them. The key is to make sure you choose the right fit for your body type and avoid pairing plaids with another busy patterns like other plaids, polka dots or stripes.

Around the holiday season, more plaid looks come out to play. Seems like everyone remembers their favourite festive shirt and heads straight to their box of old clothes. So if you’re one of the millions around the world who love to rock plaids for the holidays, here are 3 ways you can be the coolest Style Raven on the block with in true plaid style.

Wear It as A Blazer

Plaids Blazer

Wear it Over a Tee

Plaids wiz-khalifa

Pair it With Jeans


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