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Grown & Sexy: Toke Makinwa Debuts New Minimalist Theme | Celebrity Style

Grown & Sexy: Toke Makinwa Debuts New Minimalist Theme | Celebrity Style

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Ican see so many eyes rolling with another mention of Toke Makinwa. Agreed, we’ve been on the Toke train all month but hey you can’t blame us, the girl has been doing everything possible to rewrite her heartbreak story with a happy ending. So please ‘bow down already’, ‘duff your cap’ or ‘dobale’ – (Yoruba way of greeting a highly esteemed person by prostrating) to the queen.

Currently, the name Toke Makinwa is being reckoned with in new spheres other than just media. From beauty to publishing and writing, Toke is testing the waters in new industries and so what’s not to love about the new Toke? You doubt me? Well, did you know Toke just published a book – “On Becoming“?

Moving on, Toke is a style idol – this is a forgone conclusion. We can capture the different moments in time when she was whipped into something marvelous by a stylist or clad in one of those divine straight-from-the-runway (I almost said heaven) pieces. And one thing has been constant, Toke’s style is ever evolving and unpredictable.

Right now, we’ll like to describe her style as grown and sexy, yet classy still. Evident of that is the minimalist crisp themes she has been infusing into her style. We’ve also noticed a preference for shades of nude, blush/pink and other light colours like ivory. We have caught her on casual days out, set-life and fashion week and she’s religiously stuck with this new style direction – and this has been concurrent – so we see a trend building.

Was this something she was doing deliberately or was it just adding up unconsciously? Well, time will tell or maybe Toke will soon spill on that.

Our take? This trend suits Toke’s sophisticated aura, so Dear Toke, please stick with it!









Style Ravens, we need your take on this. Do you love Toke’s new minimalist style or what? Do tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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