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Wedding Bells Are Ringing: 10 Ways To Make Your Engagement Memorable

Wedding Bells Are Ringing: 10 Ways To Make Your Engagement Memorable


Getting engaged is perhaps one of the best highlights of any relationship. Few things can compare to the joy that stems from seeing your partner pop the question as you gleefully respond: “I do.” A memorable engagement is surely something to aim for as it not only adds to the beauty of the special day but also gives you something to tell the kids when they come of age. 

But how do you make your engagement unique and memorable? Well, that’s what we’ll be covering in this article. Curating an engagement that leaves a great impression isn’t a chore as with these 10 tips, you can have a special moment that will be talked about for years to come. 

Here are 10 ways to make your engagement memorable…

#1. Pick the perfect engagement ring

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Pop the question with an engagement ring that’s as special as your better half. Remember your fiancé will wear this ring for the rest of her life, so you should take the time to make the right choice.

To choose the right engagement ring, consider what your fiancé wants. You could pay more attention to her jewelry style or employ the expertise of her family and/or friends when going engagement ring shopping. Also, be sure to familiarize yourself with the four C’s (cut, color, clarity, and carat), select the correct ring shape, and buy from the right vendor.

Speaking of ring shape, before investing in any, including emerald-cut engagement rings, you should also consider your wedding band. The engagement ring should allow the wedding band to fit snugly against it. The last thing you want is to spend more money resizing the engagement ring to complement the wedding band. Once you choose the right ring, make it more personal and meaningful by engraving a romantic message, your initials, or your name.

#2. Pick the location wisely

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While there are plenty of locations you could choose to pop the question, including hotels, beautiful beaches, parks, and stunning gardens, it is best to opt for a sentimental spot. Think of a place where you and your fiancé have special memories. Where did you first say, “I love you”? Where did you go on your first date? Such spots could be ideal for hosting your engagement party.

With that being said, don’t pick a trendy spot for your engagement party. While a site everyone is talking about may seem like an ideal choice right now, it could be gone in a few years. For this reason, pick a meaningful location that will always be there. Somewhere you, your significant other, and your kids could visit in a few years for anniversaries.

#3. Make the decor stand out

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Make your engagement party grand and unforgettable by putting thought into the decor. Look for decor design ideas on Pinterest, among other sources, to create a unique setting. Alternatively, hire a professional designer to create an unforgettable spot.

Since designers have planned dozens of engagement parties before, they will likely develop something unique for your special day. You just have to liaise with your designer to ensure the decor reflects your personality and values.

#4. Include details unique to your relationship

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Tailoring your engagement party to specific memories you and your fiancé share can make the event feel more special and memorable. Reflect on your relationship from the start to where you currently are. Do you have somewhere or something that’s incredibly dear to the both of you that you would like to incorporate into your engagement? It could be your favorite dish, music, or movie scene. Be sure to think of the things or places that make you happy as a couple to get unique ideas for your special day.

#5. Do not copy others

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You and your fiancé may have watched or attended dozens of engagement parties before. While these events could have been fun and beautiful, you don’t have to do the same things during your engagement. You must tailor the event to your specific relationship to create a memorable engagement.

Take time to reflect on what you and your fiancé love doing together, your experiences, your values, and what you find meaningful, and incorporate it into your engagement instead of copying others.

#6. Bring fun to your engagement

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An effective way to ensure your guests remember your engagement for years to come is to ensure they have the time of their lives. You can achieve this by providing unique entertainment throughout the night.

For instance, hire a DJ, dancers, or a live band to add a unique vibe to the event. You could also plan fun activities like painting a puzzle, playing bingo, or singing karaoke.

#7. Document the event

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An engagement is a special event for you, your significant other, and your guests. Consider hiring a professional photographer to capture memories of the engagement party and print the pictures or post them online. This enables you to share your memories with your family and friends who could not make it to the event. Documenting the event also gives you a keepsake that you, your significant other, and your kids can look back on in the future.

#8. Create a yummy menu

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Food is a vital component for most occasions, including engagement parties. For this reason, you should create a delicious menu for your guests. From the appetizers to the desserts, ensure you satisfy your loved one’s taste buds with each bite.

Consider hiring professional caterers to help you develop a menu that captures the tastes and preferences of you and your guests. You could also whip up your family recipes and serve them at your engagement party if you want to add a personal touch to your dishes.

#9. Send out a personalized keepsake

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Be sure to send the engagement party attendees a keepsake to thank them for joining you as you commemorate your proposal. A souvenir is a reminder that your loved ones were a huge part of your big day. It also shows you love, value, and appreciate them. You could send a souvenir, trinket, or postcard with a picture of you and your fiancé and details of the engagement.

#10. Decide together

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Planning a memorable engagement can be time-consuming and daunting, especially because you and your fiancé have different ideas about what should happen on your special day. To create a smooth planning process, speak to each other before making decisions. Ensure your fiancé knows what you want and compromise on what you disagree with. Do not let disagreements during the engagement party planning process make you doubt your marriage decision.


An engagement party should be an event you cherish and remember for years. Pick the perfect engagement ring, make your decor stand out, include unique entertainment, create an ideal menu, and capture memories to make your engagement memorable.

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