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SR International: Kate Hudson Opens Up On Motherhood, Gratitude, And More

SR International: Kate Hudson Opens Up On Motherhood, Gratitude, And More


On the way back home to Los Angeles from Thanksgiving this year, which she celebrated at her mom Goldie Hawn’s house in Palm Springs, Kate Hudson, the actress and entrepreneur, who reportedly has a net worth of $80 Million according to Celebrity Net Worth, was feeling reflective. She was ruminating about the idea of gratitude and the “hashtag of gratitude,” she says, referring to the way people broadcast the things they’re thankful for on social media. So to center herself a bit, when she got home, she decided to return to the ritual of gratitude journaling, which she’d practiced previously by following Oprah Winfrey’s guidelines. Hudson has been devoted to the practice ever since. “I love to write,” the 42-year-old actor and businesswoman says. “It slows things down, and that’s really important to our imaginations.” Kate Hudson kids

Hudson was born in Los Angeles, the daughter of actor Goldie Hawn and musician Bill Hudson, and raised between Colorado and California. She started acting as a teenager, finding break-out success playing Penny Lane at age 20 in Cameron Crowe’s “Almost Famous”. She’s starred in movies including “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days,” “Something Borrowed” and “Deepwater Horizon”. Next year, she’s in Rian Johnson’s star-filled “Knives Out 2,” which she says she’s contractually obligated to not discuss.

Photo: Dany Fujikawa for WSJ. Magazine

Hudson currently lives in Los Angeles with her fiancé, musician Danny Fujikawa, and her three kids: Ryder, 17; Bingham, 10; and Rani, 3. In addition to acting, she’s founded or co-founded three businesses since 2013: the athleisure company Fabletics, the nutritional supplement brand, InBloom and the spirits label, King St. Vodka. She also hosts a podcast called Sibling Revelry with her brother, Oliver Hudson. Here, she talks to WSJ. about why she’s not a big sequel person and how celery juice makes her mornings happy. Kate Hudson net worth

Here are some things Kate Hudson revealed to WSJ. Magazine…

On the time she gets up on Mondays, and the first thing she does:

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I get up around 6:30 and I sit in my bed and I stare at my ceiling and I try not to look at my phone. I put my phone away from where I sleep. I’m one of those “wake up, let’s go” types, and so I try to do the opposite.

And then I get up and throw on some clothes and I go downstairs and my kids start waking up. Rani’s the first one to wake up. She wakes up at 7 and then we go wake up Bing together. That’s our little routine. And then we scream at Ryder because he’s 17. “Ryder!” I shouldn’t say scream, we yell up. And then we get into what I eat in the morning. I usually don’t eat until about 11, sometimes even noon.

On intermittent fasting:

Yeah. I love it. It’s my favorite thing. I also find that my body feels more energy when I’m doing intermittent fasting. I’m not a big fan of diets and what word kind of evokes in people. So for me, the intermittent fasting is a great way to give my body the rest that it needs. You don’t realize until you start doing that how much your body needs to be able to digest what we’ve eaten. Anywhere from 14 to 16 hours is usually the break I give my body. I usually eat around 11 or 12, and before then I’ll just have water and I’ll have my black coffee and then I’ll drink a celery juice. Kate Hudson net worth

On her fitness routine:

It depends. I mean, some days it’s none because I’m so busy. But I need it for my mental health. I don’t mean work out vigorously. I need to move, whether it’s a walk, a hike, bike ride or intensive working out. What I like to do lately is functional movement training. It makes me feel really strong and has been the best thing for my body as I’ve gotten older because it keeps things well oiled. I started working with my trainer, Brian [Nguyen], earlier this year and he’s really changed the way my flexibility in my body. I’m just an active lady.

On balancing her three businesses with acting and her podcast and family life:

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Your kids are the great barometer of if your life is scheduled well as a working parent because they let you know when they’re not getting the attention that they need in the way that they act out. I’ve been a mom my entire adult life. And early on with Ryder, I figured that one out really quickly, when I knew when it was time for me to put my pen down and take some time to make my kids the absolute priority. And now with them all in school, it’s great because I can get all my work done in the day[time]. And then I’m mom. I put my phone down around 4:30, 5 and I’m out.

On whether she’d reprise any of her own iconic roles for a sequel:

I don’t think about things like that. People always want the Something Borrowed [sequel], they want the Something Blue. What is that, 10 years old? It doesn’t make any sense anymore, but they still want that. And then the other one, of course, is How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. I don’t look at my movies and think, Do I want to make a sequel? If someone wanted to make a sequel and it looked cool and the script was good, I’d consider it, but it’s not something I actually would want to pursue. Kate Hudson kids

On what she’s been reading and watching lately:

Succession. We are caught up with Succession, so that’s our show. And I’m trying to catch up with Yellowstone. We’re on season three, so don’t tell me. I just love every second of both of them. So those are the shows. And right now I’m reading Spring Snow; it’s a Yukio Mishima novel. Kate Hudson net worth

On the pieces of advice that have guided her:

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One piece of advice that has guided me and continues to guide me is a quote that is, “Expectation is at the center of most suffering.” It’s one of those things I always go back to and think about. Then the other thing in my career, a fun one, is like, What’s the worst that can happen? You fail. And then what? Well, you failed. And you just keep going. Kate Hudson kids

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Photo: Dany Fujikawa  for WSJ. Magazine

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