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How To Win The Jumpsuit Style-Game: 31 Looks + Styling Tips!

How To Win The Jumpsuit Style-Game: 31 Looks + Styling Tips!


When it comes to transitional wardrobe essentials, jumpsuits stay at the forefront of functional and chic staples. The utility-inspired head-to-toe outfit has an understated edge and elegance to its appearance that cannot be ignored. With a range of form-fitting and oversized designs, it’s safe to say that the timeless wardrobe must-have caters to the needs of fashionistas in versatile ways. In other words, jumpsuits are just as fluid as much as they are modish, especially with the fact that they are designed for nearly all body shapes and sizes.

In the same vein, not only do they fit into minimalistic preferences, but they also thrive with out-of-the-box style enthusiasts. Whether you’re going for a dressy and elegant vibe or a laidback and casual look, the retro piece is a no-brainer! Plus, they come in a plethora of styles ready to add a much-needed pizzaz to any discerning style star’s closet. Certainly, this offers the privilege to instantly switch up your look as you deem fit. One moment, you can evoke a timeless chich appeal, and the next you can command an edgy effect.


When it comes to how to style jumpsuits like a pro, a variety of factors come into play that should always be considered. We understand that because, like dresses, jumpsuits are instant-fashion, it’s easy to put less effort into styling. The risk with that is your look can easily come off as boring and that’s no reputation for a style sensation like yourself. Therefore, put some effort into styling your jumpsuit and you’ll surely be causing a sensation everywhere you go!

Here are a few tips on how to style jumpsuits to perfection…

#1. Colors, prints, and textures

Two factors that ensure you stand out with the jumpsuit trend in unique and exquisite ways are color palettes and prints. From minimalistic tinges of white, khaki, and taupe to bold hues of red, blue, and yellow, the options are endless. Taking things further in full finesse, the all-in-one garment also comes in an array of prints like animal and floral stencils, as well as denim and lacy textures.

As always, the key to nailing your jumpsuit look lies in letting your destination determine what color, print, and/or texture to wear. By putting this into consideration, you’re sure to look “in-style,” and that’s always the goal. 

#2. Designs and fits  

Jumpsuits have a way of flattering the female figure in both boxy and well-tailored fits. Picking out the perfect design for your body type simply requires a sense of intentionality and style intuition. With forms like wide-leg, straight-leg, and cropped hemlines, the design options are endless. But you have to figure out which style looks great on your body because once you do, your jumpsuit game ups to senior league.

#3. Accessorize to break up its monotony 

The jumpsuit trend heavily relies on accessorizing. Above all, choosing pieces that highlight their details while breaking up their monotony is key. Think less is more, but don’t be coy. Use accessories to elevate the vibe accordingly. For instance, a boho-inspired look can be achieved with a beret, crossbody bag, and drop-down earrings. 


Belts, sunglasses, statement handbags, and a variety of hats are also easy ways to elevate any monochrome look. If you’re looking for some inspiration on styling jumpsuits, look no further.

Check out major ways to earn style points with the jumpsuit trend… 

Plain wonders

The great thing about plain jumpsuits is that they allow for endless styling options. Because the fabric itself is easy on the eye, you can get away with going wild with your entire pairing game. In addition, plain is no excuse for boring as many of these jumpsuit style comes with witty designs. Think bell bottoms, voluminous sleeves, chic trains, etc. That level of drama can instantly add a certain flair to your look. When styling a plain jumpsuit, you can either play the monochrome card or pair it with odd colors and accessories. The choice is yours!


orange utility jumpsuit trend 2020 stylerave
Mimi Onalaja
Alexandra Lapp nude jumpsuit trend 2020 stylerave
Alexandra Lapp


Go daring with details

How about we make things a little more exciting with daring details? Yes, this one is for the girl who loves her drama! Jumpsuits with wild details like embellishments, applique, and even duo fabrics make for an interesting styling session. When styling, keep the rest of the ensemble minimal as too much going on can come off as distracting. For instance, Veekee James has opted for a gold-tone handbag that complements the details on her jumpsuit below. Remember, that every element of a look adds to the bigger picture so pair wisely.






Bring denim to the game

Denim is always right whether in pants, jackets, or jumpsuits so turn to this timeless option for your jumpsuit slay. Pairing this is relatively easy as denim never poses a threat. However, considering that many style stars are sticking to cropped denim, it’s imperative that if you follow suit, your shoe game should be A plus! After all, any outfit that sits before the ankle is always a good excuse to flaunt your shoe collection! 

denim jumpsuit latest fashion trends stylerave
Yuki Akinosho
denim jumpsuits stylerave
Nancy Isime
Alexandra Lapp blue jumpsuit obi belt stylerave
Alexandra Lapp


Prints are on-point

Hear ye, hear ye, it’s prints season! Knock yourself out with printed jumpsuits for a refreshing look. Whether you turn to abstracts or animal print, florals, or African versions, there’re a variety of options to suit your needs. A major thing to consider when styling print jumpsuits is your body type as prints are notorious for being picky. For instance, a bottom-heavy girl should stay away from horizontal prints in that region as it makes it appear bigger. Consequently, you should use heavy prints to highlight the body part you intend to put focus on. 










Sharon ooja Egwurube




abstract prints stylerave



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