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Mental Mondays: 5 Signs You Should Take A Social Media Break

Mental Mondays: 5 Signs You Should Take A Social Media Break


These are digital times, and as such, most of us find ourselves practically living on social media. It is how we communicate with friends and family and new digital friends we’re yet to meet physically. For some, in a bid to stay committed to our digital relationships, we may unconsciously begin to live for others instead of ourselves. It doesn’t matter how hungry we are; we must artistically arrange a meal for a micro IG photoshoot before we can even take in its sweet aroma. 

This is not to say that we don’t indulge in a bit too much social media every once in a while. Still, the point is, when an individual becomes so addicted to living first for social media, then this is a major sign that you may need to take a social media break.

It’s not even a topic of argument that social media has helped our relationship connections, businesses, and so many personal endearments, but with it also came an increase in bullying (cyberbullying), depression, and undue pressure for individuals who do not know how to create a balance between their digital and physical worlds.

Like most times in life, working with a schedule or planner helps you better manage your time, heighten productivity, and reduce stress. If you find yourself consuming so much SM to the detriment of your productivity, creating a schedule that allocates a certain amount of time for social media is the first step to regaining control of your time. Consider a written planner or scheduling apps like But how do you know you need to limit your social media usage or take a break?

Here are 5 signs it may be time to take a social media break…

#1. Irrational comparison

Photo: Alex Green | Pexels

There’s the occasional “God when?” chant we randomly make when we see another SM user living out our dream life, but if this dampens your mood for too long, cripples your productivity, and gets you depressed, then you definitely should take a social media break for real. Bear in mind that what you see online is all controlled content, and the grass is often not truly greener on the other side.

#2. If you practically live on social media

Photo: Brandy Kennedy | Unsplash

While there’s no harm in checking in to remain up-to-date with recent happenings, it’s borderline “too much” to spend your entire day watching videos, updating your network on your every move, chatting away, and anxiously refreshing your feed every other minute. Truth be told, not everyone wants to know you just ate your fifth dessert today, and you don’t need to be the first to like everyone’s new post, seeing that there’s no valuable trophy for that.

Of course, we can’t just up and tell anyone how they should live their life, but if a purposeful and productive life is the aim, then there has to be a scheduled time or duration of hours set for social media daily. It helps an individual grow in discipline and remain focused. 

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#3. You hide behind social media

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You are more interested in your life on social media that you can’t seem to have meaningful conversations with your friends and family offline. You rely on filters and facetune apps so much that you can no longer do without them, and your online image is nothing like what you look like offline. If your social media friends can walk past you without recognizing you, then maybe you need to chill and regain your true confidence.

#4. A compulsive need to know your social media buddies’ life story

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If you have stalked your new crush, dug out his ex’s profile, and even know where he has lunch now and then, it may be time to take a SM break. It may be fun and cute at first, but if you keep nursing those skills, your obsession could lead you to become a full-blown stalker—which could land you in serious trouble.

#5. You seem to be losing control of your life 

Photo: Alex Green | Pexels

Every once in a while, this happens to us all. Things might seem to be spiraling out of control: you are more irritable, and everyone appears to have it all together except you. Although nobody has their lives running smoothly at all times, social media, by its sheer nature, consistently portrays this facade. If you think you’re losing control of your life, you should consider pulling the plugs on your social media platforms for a while. 

To regain control, make a practical effort like deleting the tempting apps for a few days or weeks. Take time out to reconnect with your true self and then come back stronger with more capacity to take on the world––with you in charge.

Cover Image: Unsplash | Mohau Mannathoko

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