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How To Style The Trending African Straw Bag Like ASIYAMI GOLD And Other Influencers

How To Style The Trending African Straw Bag Like ASIYAMI GOLD And Other Influencers

We are going back to the roots with this one! 2018 is almost halfway over and already we’ve been enjoying the fashion trends it’s been steady dishing out; one of which is the African straw bag also referred to as the wicker bag or the cane bag.

This African straw bag, which originated from Africa and dates back many generations, is typically made from willow and pliable twigs, woven and plaited into different shapes and sizes, and designed in such a way that it can be used for different occasions. Historically, people from the coastal regions of Africa use willows and twigs to create everyday fashion and household goods like sandals, hats and mats.

Like many fashion trends which recycle themselves, straw bags are what bloggers can’t seem to do without right now. Style influencers like Asiyami Gold, Kehinde Smith, Kiitan A, Dimma Umeh, Joy Kendi and Silvia Njoki are among key influencers who have been seen rocking the straw bag even before it became such a huge thing this year.

So, if you want to jump in on this trend then you need to do it the correct way. Let Asiyami Gold and other style gawds show you how to style the African straw bag the contemporary way.

 Asiyami Gold

Kehinde Smith

Dimma Umeh

Joy Kendi

Kiitan A

Silvia Njoki

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