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Aude Swim Swimwear Collection Is An African Print Fiesta!

Aude Swim Swimwear Collection Is An African Print Fiesta!

For many African women wearing swimsuits is no longer considered untraditional as many societies have grown to accept it as standard water gear.  Now many can’t wait till they are in vacation mode to bring out all of the swimwear they’ve purchased over time. Culture-conscious designers like Aude Swim make swimsuits more than just a piece you wear to the pool or the beach.

The Aude swimwear features a rich variety of swimwear including the monokini, the two-piece, and the one piece, all made from spandex fabric designed with beautiful traditional African print-inspired patterns like Kente, Akosombo, Ankara and more.

Aude swimwear offers styles that are daring, fun and timeless. When you see a piece from the Aude Swim collection, you can only imagine how nice it would look in a pair of high waisted jeans or skirt and how you could possibly rocking it off the beach or pool. The possibilities of pairings with the Aude Swim swimsuits are endless and the only limit you have would be your imaginations.

Here’s a look at select pieces from the brand’s swimwear collections…

Photo Credit: IG | Audeswim

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