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How To Plan A Virtual Bridal Shower

How To Plan A Virtual Bridal Shower


The world may have changed in several ways, but technology still keeps us connected. Since the advent of the coronavirus, we have witnessed a lot of firsts and the virtual bridal shower is one of such. Whether you’re still practicing social distancing, or you’re seeking genius ways to gather together your friends in different states, the virtual bridal shower is something to explore.

A virtual shower should feel more special than a casual virtual happy hour and when planned properly, can bring a sense of fulfillment to usher a bride-to-be into the wedding in good spirits. If the virtual shower bridal shower is something you’re willing to try, we have created this guide just for you.

Here’s how to plan a virtual bridal shower…

#1. Have a theme

Photo: Andres Ayrton | Pexels

Everyone may not be physically present, but it’s still ideal to be uniform as it depicts thoughtfulness and togetherness. For instance, a dress code, matching backdrops, and/or accessories are easy ways to pick and stick to a theme.

#2. Curate a playlist

Photo: Feliphe Schiarolli | Unsplash

It’ll put a smile on the bride’s face to hear her favorite songs being played. So why not create a playlist that consists of her jams? More interestingly, you’ll need something to vibe to that evokes emotion and memories and a good playlist is the answer.

#3. Games

Photo: Casey Chae | Unsplash

What’s a bridal shower without those funtastic games? Games keep things fun and transforms an E-hangout into something quite entertaining. Although it’s an online gathering, there are numerous games to choose from. Here are a few to get you started:

  • Truth or dare: The guests randomly choose among themselves whether it’s a dare or truth and there’ll be “consequences” for anyone who refuses to answer a question (truth) or carry out a dare.
  • Scavenger hunt: Here, the guests are meant to run through their homes to get an item mentioned by the host at a set time.
  • The nearly-wed game: Ask the groom-to-be questions beforehand and have the bride answer them before showing her the groom’s reply.  Some examples might include “who said I love you first” or “who’s likely to act goofy in public?”.
  • Name that tune: A song is played sparingly and one of the guests has to name the artist.

Note: It’s a good idea to have prizes for the winner of each game. Make it something fun and rewarding.

#4. Create food and drink plan

Photo: Sebastian Coman Photography | Pexels

During this virtual stream, there should be time allocated for eating merrily and a virtual clinking of glasses. When planning a virtual bridal shower, choose and send the guests a recipe or preferred drinks that everyone would consume together during the shower.

#5. Gift for the bride-to-be

Photo: Wijdan Mq | Unsplash

Whether it’s a lingerie or a Prada dress, there’s no bridal shower without a gift for the bride. Take the time out to get her something special, something she would always appreciate.

In conclusion

Whether physically present or not, a fairy tale is the goal for our soon-to-be Mrs. No one’s more anxious for things to go right like she is, so do her a solid one and make this virtual bridal shower memorable. Hopefully, this relaxing virtual bridal shower should calm her nerves and avert a bridezilla situation.

Photo credit: Vitae London | Unsplash

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