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7 Simple Yet Effective Tips For A Clearer Skin

7 Simple Yet Effective Tips For A Clearer Skin


The unfair rhythm of life! How else can you explain the lady next door with supple, glowing skin, while on the other hand, skin blemishes seem to have your number on speed dial? You are afraid she’s most likely not going to share her skincare routine, so why ask? She’ll elusively advise you to drink lots of water (as you should), but we all know that’s not nearly all you need to know on how to get the clearest skin.

It’s true that not all causes of skin issues are within your control such as genetics, but with some effort and consistency, you can manage even the toughest issues. Luckily, we’ve got proven skincare tips that once applied, the result is evident for all to see, including your neighbor with #skingoals.

Simple things like washing off your makeup before you sleep and ensuring you change the bedsheets and pillowcases frequently might be the secret recipe you’ve been missing.

Check out 7 proven skincare tips on how to have the clearest skin worth dreaming about… 

#1. Wash your face before bed

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Hitting the sheets without washing your face is only a recipe for breakouts. If you’re a culprit in this department, that might be why your skin is tired of you. Wash your face with a face cleanser/wash that’s designed to cater to your skin issues.

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#2. Moisturize

There’s so much good that a moisturizer offers you, so there’s no reason you shouldn’t indulge. From combating dry skin to making your skin clear, soft, and supple, a moisturizer definitely offers all the goodness your skin needs. 

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#3. Exfoliate consistently

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No, you don’t exfoliate just because it has a cool name. Every so often, dead skin cells sit on the top layer of the skin, and when left unchecked, can make your skin appear dull. Fix this by exfoliating your skin regularly in order to remove the dead skin to reveal brighter, clearer skin underneath.  

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#4. Stop popping those zits

Photo: Jmexclusives/Pixabay

If you love to pop the pimple, do yourself a favor and desist from it. While this sounds easier said, when it comes to proven skincare tips, this really works if you put your mind to it. Of course, it feels good squashing the intruder––a very powerful feeling–but it only exposes your skin to more bacteria and may get infected while leaving stubborn spots thereafter.

#5. Wear sunscreen


This right here is a skin saver and can’t be overemphasized. Sunscreen helps protect the skin all day long and prevents sunburn amongst other skin irritations. There are numerous off-the-shelf sunscreens tailored to different skin types. Here’s a tip: if you have oily skin, opt for the matte options.

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#6. Attack it directly with a spot treatment

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Put your money where your skin is and you’ll definitely not regret it. A spot treatment? That’s how to have the clearest skin — at least one potent way if you buy what suits your skin type properly. A spot treatment that contains salicylic acid and sulfur is usually a great bet. Speak to your dermatologist for the best treatment for your specific skin needs.

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#7. Be more intentional about skincare products

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Before you make that payment, read the label. That little patience goes a long way in deciding the fate of your skin, so choose wisely. Do some research on the best products for your specific skin issues. Better yet, talk to a dermatologist and get a skincare plan in motion. If you have acne-prone skin, whether it’s your body lotion, face cream, or bath gel, try to focus on oil-free skincare products.

Taking care of your skin is more important than covering it up with makeup because at night when the curtains are drawn, that’s the body you live with. Invest wisely.

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