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8 Effective Natural Remedies To Boost Hair Growth

8 Effective Natural Remedies To Boost Hair Growth


Many factors can negatively affect your hair’s condition, such as the environment, stress, lack of a healthy diet, and sleep. Side effects of such a lifestyle can cause hair loss as well as a very slow process of growing new hair. Your first choice can be to get rid of damaged hair, but with proper treatment, you won’t be needing to get that big chop any time soon. Natural remedies for hair growth.

It’s essential to follow some rules to keep your hair healthy, like brushing it gently and limiting the use of styling appliances like a blowdryer. In addition, sticking to a healthy diet and taking a well-balanced multivitamin supplement is indeed capable of bringing some positive changes to your overall hair health and making the prevention of hair loss and breakage more efficient. Still, you will need to do a bit more to help your hair grow faster.

Fortunately, there are various natural home remedies that can help if you want to grow your hair fast. Some of them are quite sticky while others are really runny. However, they are all united by one factor: each of these remedies will give your hair a boost with growth you’d be happy you tried them. 

Here are 8 effective natural remedies to boost hair growth fast…

#1. Coconut oil

Photo: Towfiqu barbhuiya/Pexels

If there’s one miracle oil, it will be coconut oil. It works magic in your food, on your sin, and even on your hair. This oil has the ability to reduce the loss of protein from damaged hair, can penetrate the hair shaft, and reduce hair loss. It may also assist in reversing the damaging effects of chemical products. 

Get your coconut groove on by massaging two tablespoons of coconut oil into your scalp, leaving it for about an hour, and then washing it off. Do this about two times a week to see results.

#2. Yogurt

Photo: Any Lane/Pexels

Yogurt is a rich source of probiotics and may facilitate robust hair growth and prevent damage to hair. A 2013 study published online focused on mice found that yogurt “increases the number of subcuticular follicles, thus yielding more luxuriant fur.” It is safe to conclude that yogurt can play a vital role in boosting human hair growth. Have a serving of yogurt once daily and watch the progress.

#3. Castor oil

Photo: Karolina Grabowska/Pexels

Using castor oil is the best natural remedy for hair growth. This natural oil is obtained from the castor plant and contains linoleic, oleic, and ricinoleic acids, which are extremely useful for hair growth and strength.

Before applying castor oil, it’s recommended to heat the oil a bit, so its effect will be substantial. You can rub the oil into the scalp, then put your hair in a shower cap and wrap it with a warm towel for about two hours. After that, make sure to wash your hair with shampoo thoroughly. To enhance the treatment’s effectiveness and make it smell nice, you can add a few drops of rose or lavender essential oils.

#4. Herbal hair rinses

Photo: Madison Inouye/Pexels

Rinsing can also effectively enhance hair growth. It is optimal to use water with lemon juice or herbal infusions for rinsing hair strands. An apple cider vinegar rinse is another excellent remedy to promote hair growth and make your strands shine. You only need to add two tablespoons per liter of water and rinse the strands with it after each wash to replace the hair balsam.

You can also go for a DIY tonic rinser, for which you will need:

  • Dried nettle (can be found in filter bags)
  • Rosemary essential oil
  • Lemon juice

Brew the nettle with boiling water and let it infuse for half an hour. Add 6-7 drops of rosemary oil and a teaspoon of lemon juice to the rinser, and use it after washing your hair with shampoo.

#5. Burdock oil

Photo: Shiny Diamond/Pexels

This natural oil has a beneficial effect on hair growth and contains essential nutrients and amino acids. Burdock oil is perfect for hair-oiling, and you can also add it to your home remedies for hair growth.

Oiling is perhaps the easiest and most effective way to nourish and stimulate hair follicles. To do this, you can repeat the same steps as with the castor oil, but make sure to oil your hair and scalp evenly. Keep the burdock oil on your head as long as possible (at least two hours), then wash off with shampoo and rinse the hair with lukewarm water and apple cider vinegar, as it is a good home remedy for strengthening hair.

Sticking to the same application method, you can use other natural oils like argan, almond, flaxseed, or olive oil.

#6. Aloe Vera mask

Photo: Cecília O. Tommasini/Pexels

This plant is one of the best natural ingredients that stimulate the hair follicles and heal the scalp and relieve irritation after scalp infections. With regular use, the strands become stronger and more elastic, and the hair along the entire length stops splitting and breaking off.

To make a hair mask, place 3-4 aloe leaves in the refrigerator for 1-2 days. Then you can blend them, squeeze the juice, and mix it with one tablespoon of brandy. After washing your hair, rub the mask thoroughly to the roots, and wrap your head in a towel for 45 minutes. Then you can wash off the mask with lukewarm water and rinse it with a herbal infusion.

#7. Onion juice mask

Photo: Ylanite Koppens/Pexels

Yes, that one sounds horrible, but studies show that rubbing onion juice into the scalp can promote hair regrowth. Onion juice contains a large amount of sulfur, lots of antioxidants, and antibacterial properties.

You can prepare this mask the same way as the aloe vera one, meaning you will need to blend four medium onions and then squeeze the juice out of this mass. If you cannot stand the repulsive smell, add a little lemon juice, rose water, or a few drops of essential oil — mint, lavender, and rosemary will do a good job.

Apply the resulting mixture to the scalp before washing. Leave it on for about half an hour, then rinse thoroughly with cool water. This mask can be applied daily, and to achieve a noticeable result, consider doing it twice a day for several weeks.

#8. Cinnamon mask

Photo: Pixabay/Pexels

This spice is an excellent ally in fighting hair loss and improving blood circulation. To get rid of this problem, you need a scalp massage with a cinnamon mixture. It stimulates the growth of locks, strengthening the hair follicles. You can use this spice to make your strands smooth and shiny. Cinnamon is an effective home remedy against dandruff and can be used for people with an oily scalp.

The most convenient way to use it is to mix cinnamon with coconut oil in equal proportions and apply this mask to your hair roots, rubbing thoroughly into the scalp and letting it sit for about 40 minutes before rinsing.

In conclusion

Maintaining healthy, natural hair is a complex activity that requires more than just a couple of hair products. It would help if you were mindful of your eating habits, stress levels, and a sufficient amount of rest to keep your hair thick and shiny.

If you want to prevent hair loss, increase blood circulation, and make your hair grow faster, you should introduce some DIY rescuers to your hair care routine. There are many natural remedies for hair growth, and their benefits vary depending on the ingredients. Home remedies’ main advantages are that they are affordable, quick to make, always fresh, and can be applied in different combinations!

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