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WATCH: How To Fill In Your Eyebrows Flawlessly

WATCH: How To Fill In Your Eyebrows Flawlessly


Thick and well-defined brows are in. Okay, they’ve been in for a while now, but now that the world is opening back up, it’s time to get a refresher on how to fill your eyebrows in a way that makes it look full, natural and near perfect.

Very few of us are lucky to be born with a naturally perfect pair—and even those born with thick eyebrows sometimes over-tweeze or over-wax, leaving the brow line looking uneven or scanty. With the right skills mastered, pencils and powders work miracles in filling the gaps and creating a lush eyebrow look.

Below, YouTube beauty vlogger Destiny Lashae Makeup demonstrates how to fill both brows to perfection using an eyebrow powder.

Watch and learn how to fill in your eyebrows properly…

Perfectly defined brows help frame your whole face and pop out your eyes, so get right in front of the mirror and get your practice. Besides, you’ll need the following items before you get started:

  • Anti-Crease Eye Shadow Primer
  • Banana Powder
  • Clear Mascara
  • Brow Brush (Angle brush)
  • Brow Pomade
  • Cream Eyeliner

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Dos of filling your brows

While filling in your eyebrows appears quite simple and easy, doing it right requires knowledge of the basic principles. In general, it is advisable to make tiny strokes and dashes that simulate the hair and create a very natural effect. Also, the key is to blend your filled-in brows carefully. No matter what products you use, always remember to blend well. Above all, the beginning of your brows closest to your nose should be filled less intensely for a more natural effect. This is the part of the eyebrow where the hairs are more sparse, so the fill-in should mimic the natural brow.

Here are 7 more flawless eyebrows we love…

Photo Credit: Instagram | Thuli Phongolo shot by Bicshot Creative.

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