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How To Be A Lady In Character And Carriage

How To Be A Lady In Character And Carriage

There is a popular saying “How you dress is how you will be addressed!” You and I know this isn’t far from the truth. But dressing like a lady in this context doesn’t really focus on just the clothing. It also considers your looks, actions, carriage, attitude, and character.

This got me pondering. So I decided to check up the meaning of a Lady. Don’t laugh! Anyone would refer to a lady as just a woman. I did. But what the dictionary defines of a lady made the ‘dressing like a lady’ make more meaning to me.

“It says a lady is a woman of good social position.” It also referred to them as noblewomen, gentlewomen, duchess, countess, peeress, viscountess, etc. And these all classify women of character, carriage, confidence, and class.

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Most of the time, we ladies are far from being ladies in the real sense, I tell you! For example, we are often far from being gentle. Worse, some relationships break off because the guy claims she needs to learn to be a lady! This is not acceptable! It’s about time we set ourselves right on all counts. Meaning, we need to put our acts together, be ladylike, and be the lady we are destined to be.

These few relevant tips will guide you on how to truly behave like a lady…

Say please and thank you. Forgetting to say these things comes across as being very rude.

Knowing when to say no. It is important to know when and how to say no. Accepting offers against your wishes gives a wrong impression of you. Mostly, you don’t have a mind of your own. Acknowledge any unwanted offer with a smile and politely refuse.

Educate yourself. A lady is seen as eloquent and capable of holding a conversation. Therefore you need to keep abreast of current information to be relevant in your contribution to conversations.

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Good Posture. Avoid slouching and looking lazy and out of sorts. Hold a good posture. Stand or sit up straight.

Be respectful. Being a lady doesn’t end at just looking or behaving properly on the outside, it also entails being a good person on the inside. Show respect to all, not just your elders. When in a conversation, give your undivided attention as this is a sign of respect.

Be Charming. According to WikiHow, a true lady doesn’t just sit there quietly and allow the world to pass her by. She engages with other people, carries on with stimulating conversations, and is often a subtle flirt. Very subtle!

Don’t use profanity, overeat, or drink excessively. You should be able to comport yourself (self-control), and be moderate in the amount of food and drink you consume. As an over-indulgence becomes very unladylike.

Stay calm, cool, and collected. A true lady in the face of adversity remains poised and handles the situation rationally and calmly.

Be decent in your dressing. This could not be overemphasized. Ladies keep as much of the goodies in and still look appealing and you’ll command the attention and respect you deserve.

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