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Engagement Rings Through the Ages – Mode’s 100 Years of Engagement Rings

Engagement Rings Through the Ages – Mode’s 100 Years of Engagement Rings

It’s amazing what you can find whilst randomly surfing the internet, most especially when your are not looking for anything in particular. The closest I can describe this experience is to opening a Japanese doll only to keep finding layers and layers of dolls underneath. Today underneath all the layers of the worldwide web, I came across a witty YouTube video titled Mode’s 100 Years of Engagement Rings that demonstrated the evolution of engagement rings from the 1900’s till date and was so fascinated I just had to share.

As a young lady who’s obsessed with the concept of true love and happily ever afters, I found it intriguing and comforting to know that I, or “we millenials” as the earlier generations refer to us, aren’t alone in this as many women before us shared this obsession too.

Truly, this obsession with engagement rings has been around for hundreds of years, evolving in style, shape and cuts and by so doing causing the market to bloom and feeding many more fantasies (healthy and otherwise) -*insert Beyoncé’s Put a Ring on it tune*. After all, even the average 18-year-old knows what cut she wants: princess or pear, vintage or en-vogue?

If you’re a ring fanatic, a ‘cut’ novice or maybe a lady smelling a proposal around the corner, you’ll totally love this video.

Video Credit – Mode 100 Years of Engagement Rings via Youtube

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