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How To Be Stylish When You Travel: A Detailed Guide

How To Be Stylish When You Travel: A Detailed Guide

How To Be Stylish While Traveling Travel Fashion

Who says you cannot look good while traveling? Or does the idea of carrying luggage bore you and you think it might make your look a little dull? Well, say goodbye to the concept now. Travel outfits require a little more attention than the outfit you might wear regularly or while going to work because travel clothing has to not only be stylish and chic, but comfortable at the same time. You can not wear everything you want while embarking on a trip, lighter clothing and more put-together looks are usually preferred.

Looking right on fleek at the airport might not be something that will fascinate many. But if you want yourself to be well-dressed at all occasions, then know that traveling is an important one. You will feel much more energetic and confident if you wear the right outfit and besides, you need to hit the new place with a clearer and fresher mind. So, you should not be making compromises on your travel fashion.

Below are some of the tips to help you look all up to the mark and on point when you travel. How to be stylish while traveling

These tips are everything you might be needing to spice up your travel look…

#1. Go for wrinkle-resistant clothing

Nancy Isime

Well, one thing that might be annoying while you travel is a wrinkle. No matter what you wear, wrinkles are unavoidable especially during traveling, and can bring your charm down. But, with the right wrinkle-resistant clothes, you surely won’t have to face this problem. It is preferred that you travel in wrinkle-free clothing so you look fresh and ready throughout the way. You have a lot of options in this category. Dresses, pants, cardigans and so much more. Stylish travel outfit

#2. Don’t miss on the accessories

How To Be Stylish When You Travel
Chioma Ikokwu and Kika Osunde

Accessories are something that people usually avoid while they travel however, we suggest you do not skip accessories. By accessories, we do not mean something really heavy and uncomfortable. However, the right bag, some cute little stud earrings, maybe a nice pendant, or a printed scarf can top your simple travel outfit up in the funkiest and most stylish way possible. Don’t forget that minor details make the bigger picture look perfect. Sunglasses are another good option for when you step outdoor.

#3. Go for shoes that do not only go with your outfit but are also comfortable

Comedian AY keeping it clean and sporty in a tracksuit and white sneakers

The tip here is to avoid wearing shoes that might be too uncomfortable or which you haven’t tried before or which might be new. These shoes might end up causing discomfort and the last thing you’d want is to stumble while you walk or walk with difficulties. Just remember, comfort is the top priority of your whole travel outfit.

#4. Wear the right amount of makeup and go for the right hairstyle

Well, we can not deny the fact that style isn’t only confined to your outfit. Your overall appearance is something that is highly influenced by the amount of makeup you wear or the way you have put your hair together. Ending up at the airport with the wrong lipstick shade or looking too overly done will only make you look like a laughing stock.

Prefer to go with a very natural makeup look and a hairstyle that makes your hair stay put for a long period so you don’t end up looking like a mess at the end of the day.

#5. Travel in exercise clothes

Chioma Ikokwu

Yes, this is the trend for 2020. Especially for air travel, people prefer wearing exercise clothes while they travel. The track-suits are not only comfortable for long duration travels but also make you look put together and decent. Therefore, it’s not a bad idea at all. Just take a look at hairpreneur Chioma Ikokwu. She’s got the perfect airport look in the shot above.

This trend is also really in for celebrities. You can take a look at some of the best-dressed celebrities such as Gigi Hadid at the airport to get a better idea about the branding and some other details. You can use the search by picture online option to find out the complete details of an outfit that you want to wear during your travel.

#6. Go with layering your clothes


Layered outfits are considered one of the top ideas for traveling. Layering not only looks good but if you are traveling to some specific place that has a temperature or climate differing from the place you are starting your journey from, then you can remove or add the layers accordingly. This will make you look like you are ready for anything that will come your way.

#7. Just take 3 pairs of shoes with you

Shoes to help you comfortably move in the evening, boots or sandals, and sneakers (exercise), these 3 pairs will serve you the purpose and you don’t have to carry any extra pair with you.

#8. Know the right things to pack

Photo: Amy Shamblen / Unsplash

So many people have no basic know-how of what to take and what to leave while they travel. They just keep stuffing unnecessary things and keep making their luggage heavier and bulkier with things that might not even be needed. Knowing the right things to pack and knowing what things will be convenient for your destination and travel ”light” is very important.

Here are some general tricks to pack right. This is one of the best ways to minimize the clothes you can take on your way. You can create many outfit looks if you take matching colored clothes which you can pair in the right way or in the way that you want.

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