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10 Uber-Sleek Looks To Inspire Your Summer Ponytail Slay

10 Uber-Sleek Looks To Inspire Your Summer Ponytail Slay

When it comes to uber-sleek hairstyles (the kind that show up and show out on our social feeds), ponytails stay winning. The delicate hairdo is here to stay from full volume and segmented looks, to braided and kinky styles! Inarguably functioning as a top beauty trend, this 1970s-rock-musicians-inspired look continues to make waves.

Not only do ponytails easily fix a bad hair day, they also protect the hair from humidity. Most importantly, its versatile and can be rocked in different ways for different occasions. So whether you seek fierceness or some laidback and unconventional vibes, ponytails are for you.

Loje Loje black kiny summer ponytail stylerave
@loje_loje rocking the ponytail trend with single beaded braids

Ponytails can be worn in curls, braids, twists, and/or waves giving room for creativity and exploration. In addition to their versatile nature, they can be paired with soft statement accessories to upgrade a look. For instance, hot summer beauty trends like stacked pearls and hair clips make the cut.

Continuing to prove its identity as an all-round hairstyle, ponytails can be accompanied with full or side bangs. This way, a multidimensional effect is added to its classic and au naturel appearance. Style stars like Nigerian media personality Toke Makinwa have been spotted rocking ponytails more than once. 

With such a subtle yet alluring impression on stylistas around the world, ponytails are in and will remain evergreen in our books as it allows its enthusiasts maintain a high fashion yet understated look. So if you’re looking for a summer hairstyle for black women, the ponytail hairstyle should be an inspiration.

Here are a few ponytail hairstyles for black women this summer…

Cornrow ponytail

Cornrow ponytails are the best of both worlds – the ever dependable cornrows and the versatility of ponytails. For a classy vibe, match the hair extensions to the color of your hair. 

Photo: @chloebailey | Instagram
Photo: @__demilade__ | Instagram
Photo: @iam.royaltee_ | Instagram

.Ponytail hairstyles with braids

Ponytail hairstyles with a braided base

Sophisticated and chic, the ponytail with a braided base is definitely worth a try. This high-rise spectacle is perfectly fitting for the lady with a square-shaped face and prominent forehead. We see you Rihanna! 

Boity Thulo summer ponytail ideas stylerave
Boity Thulo
Photo: @iamolutosin | Instagram

Ponytails with voluminous curls

A delightful creation, the ponytail with voluminous curls is the best thing that happened since slice bread, as it boasts rich depths and body. Vava voom, your hair got fabulous!

Toke Makinwa curly summer hairstyles stylerave
Toke Makinwa
Photo: @bolanle | Instagram


High ponytail with luscious extensions

However long or short you choose to wear it, ponytails with luscious extensions are perfect for the summer as they breathe new vibes to your hair and entire look.  



Braided ponytail

The braided ponytails are every inch beautiful as they are a perfect blend of Africaness and class. This eternal style can be rocked anywhere and anytime and are an instant transformation to your box braids or twists.

Nyma Tang summer ponytail hairstyles stylerave
Nyma Tang

High curly ponytail extensions

If you are looking for ideas on how to style your curly extensions, holding it up in a ponytail is always a good idea. What makes them even more charming is that they are perfect for any occasion, from an afternoon lunch to a summer vacation escape. For example, 

Shalom Blac


Half up, half down ponytail styles 

In between the worlds of sass and class, the half up, half down ponytail is an instant hit. To witness this style in its full glory, go for longer weaves and extensions as longer lengths increase its wow factor

Idia Aisien


Ponytail styles with side bangs

Accentuate your facial features with a side bang in this ponytail style. Just like Barbie and Toke Makinwa, this style is a fashionista’s best friend. To highlight your facial dimensions even further, opt for neck-length extensions as they complement every shape of face.

Toke Makinwa


Wavy ponytails with laid edges

Loose waves are all so girly! These dainty hair ponytails are sexy without even trying and are perfect for the girl who wants to be noticed for all the right reasons. 


Simple sleek ponytails 

This is the matron of all ponytails! They’ve been around the longest, but are in no way inferior to the rest on this list. The simple sleek ponytails are the perfect combination of stylish and classy. An indisputable combination if you ask me.

Photo: @lindaosifo | Instagram
Photo: @ernestocasillas | Instagram


Tenny coco sleek ponytail with edges stylerave
Teniola A’isha kashaam


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