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Fashionistas Confess: ‘Nerd is Bae’ | How to Look Cool in Nerd Frames

Fashionistas Confess: ‘Nerd is Bae’ | How to Look Cool in Nerd Frames

Falz Falana Style

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Nerdy glasses are so-called for a reason. It used to be that people attributed them to smart, nerdy folks like the Mark Zuckerbergs and Bill Gates of this world. But those days are far gone as fashionistas and trendsetters are now buying into the whole nerdy look. Isn’t it funny how those who once only defined success are now defining trends?

The nerd glass frames are as old as those “old school” teachers who would sit their glasses on the nose and give you the mean look or maybe even older.

But trust fashionistas to steal the look and own it! Fashion influencers have now brought back the nerd glass frames in style. There’s a nerd frame for every face shape and personality. You can find them in a variety of designs as they have adopted fun hues, retro and vintage cuts and all kinds of fantastic shapes in various shells and sizes. You have to try on a few and see which suits you best.

Check out these nerd frames on your favourite celebrities and “Instagram models.”

Falz Falana
Singer Falz Falana
Yvonne Nelson
Yvonne Nelson
Singer Bez Idakula


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