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All Friends Of Enioluwa Are Friends Of Crocs: Introducing The Crocs Nigeria Ambassador For 2022

All Friends Of Enioluwa Are Friends Of Crocs: Introducing The Crocs Nigeria Ambassador For 2022


When Nigerian-born, 19-year-old Enioluwa Adeoluwa (a.k.a “Lipgloss Boy”) took home the Theatre Arts’ award for Best National Director, he became the youngest director in Nigeria to win. With a passion for the creative industry and creating viral content, Enioluwa was only just getting started. Enioluwa Crocs Nigeria Ambassador

Today, he’s making ripples throughout the African continent with his inspirational leadership and bold messaging. Enioluwa spreads awareness around authenticity, self-determination, and independence — ultimately redefining masculinity, breaking conventions, and acting as a spokesperson for those who feel unheard.


“I don’t call them followers, they are more than that. They are my friends,” says Enioluwa, “and my dream is to act as a representative for not only my Nigerian community but also to inspire friends around the world. I am working hard to build a bridge between Nigeria and the international community, and partnering with global brands such as Crocs is a dream come true.” Enioluwa Crocs Nigeria Ambassador

Celebrating Self-Expression Internationally


No dream is too wild for Enioluwa. “I dream to represent Nigeria and brands internationally,” he shares. “I believe in my audience, and I want to reach people outside of my country. Achieving international acclaim with Crocs helps me create a platform for my followers to realize that dreams come true.”

Joining forces with Crocs presents opportunities that Enioluwa doesn’t take for granted. To him, it’s also a way of honoring those who came before him and who did not have the opportunities for self-expression that he celebrates today.

“I want to be a voice,” Enioluwa says. “Achieve representation for young people to inspire those who don’t feel like they belong and can’t make a success in the creative world because of who they are. I want to inspire people to have confidence in themselves, and I want to represent them.” Enioluwa Crocs Nigeria Ambassador

With Crocs, Enioluwa is ready to take things to the next level. “I want to leverage my following to build an online community of individuals that have the freedom to be themselves, express themselves and be creative,” he says.

Come As You Are with Enioluwa X Crocs

Enioluwa Adeoluwa Lipgloss Boy

‘Come As You Are’ is an idea that transcends brand and product. It’s about celebrating what makes each one of us unique and encouraging everyone to be comfortable in their own shoes.

To Enioluwa, ‘Come As You Are’ means representation. It means community — being a voice, regardless of age, background, and style — and building an international community that resonates with authenticity, individuality, and self-expression. It’s also about possibility. “Keep pushing and keep creating,” urges Enioluwa. “There is beauty!” Enioluwa Crocs Nigeria Ambassador

Enioluwa Adeoluwa Lipgloss Boy
Enioluwa Adeoluwa Lipgloss Boy


We believe that comfort is the key to happiness and our legendary Crocs comfort makes the world a happier place, one pair of shoes at a time. We are tireless in pursuit of new comfort technologies, developing revolutionary materials that are lighter, softer, and more flexible than ever imagined. Everyone should be comfortable in their own shoes.

In 2002, Crocs introduced the world to one of the most unique brands that anyone had ever seen: we were different and it made some people uncomfortable. Now, hundreds of millions of shoes later, we make the world more comfortable. Enioluwa Crocs Nigeria Ambassador


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