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Color Addict! 5 Ultra-Bold Hair Colors Causing A Stir In 2022

Color Addict! 5 Ultra-Bold Hair Colors Causing A Stir In 2022


The Spring/Summer season is always a good excuse to embrace color. From clothes to nails, makeup to hair, there’s absolutely nothing out of the reach of color. Now that the doors have finally flung open and we can step out again, now is a good time to try those popular hair colors you were unable to attempt during your at-home DIY moments. No doubt, black women are having some hair fun in 2022.

This season, celebs and influencers are switching the expected black and brown hues for less predictable options, and the results are addictive. Whether it’s a multi-colored party on the crown or a solid burst of hues, the stage has been set and there’s no reason you shouldn’t come aboard! Clearly, this doesn’t mean that you should completely ignore “regular” hair colors. Of course, not. We’re simply advocating that you should incorporate some vibrant hues for a more refreshing and unpredictable vibe. After all, a little hair-creativity never hurt no one.

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If, prior to now, you’ve treaded within the confines of blacks and browns, going bold all of a sudden may seem out-of-place and perhaps, uncomfortable. Therefore, it’s advisable to begin with “easier” colors like red and ginger. Plus, they are universally appealing as they complement a plethora of skin tones. Also consider using semi-permanent hair dye as opposed to permanent hair colors when starting out. This allows for easy reversal should you not fall in love with the outcome.

Still, within these “easier” colors, there are also various shades available and you can select based on your preference. For instance, red variations like currant and cherry are more suited for a girl who decides to tread subtle. On the other hand, red shades like candy and rose are perfect for the drama queen. Simply put, your phobia for bright colors is no excuse not to have some colorful hair fun this 2022. Having said that, let’s jump into five popular hair colors for Black women in 2022.

Check out the bold hair colors black women are rocking for spring / summer 2022…

#1. Two-toned hair

A bold girl like yourself + two-tone colored hair = hairgasm! For maximum effect, allow for an obvious contrast. Although black roots and blonde ends are a popular choice, you can take a different route for maximum impact. For instance, mix orange with platinum or green with black for an unexpected yet irresistible look.

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#2. Pink

Pink is a bold yet feminine color and also one of the popular hair colors for 2022, especially on a day when you feel the need to make a statement. Whether you go pink in bob, waves, curls, or coils, the results are the same. Go on sista, channel your inner Lava Girl.

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#3. Platinum blonde

Platinum blonde is big right now and for obvious reasons. Peep this hair color under sunlight or in a well-lit room and add the right camera angle — a picture-perfect moment is all that awaits. Tell me that this popular hair color for 2022 hasn’t added to Vivica Fox‘s slay appeal and I’ll schedule you for a doctor’s visit. Go on, try me.

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#4. Lime

Surely, this is one color for the bold of heart — but I thought you were already that. This season, go daring in shades of lime and cause a sensation everywhere you go. If you’re considering this citrusy shade but think it’s too strong, we have a tip on how to tone it down: blend with subtle. Simply put, layer with a few sections of black or brown tones. The result is a juxtaposition of drama and calm enough to pique any interest for the right reasons. It’s no surprise that lime is one of the hot hair colors of 2022.

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#5. Red velvet

When we think of red velvet, a delicious cake comes to mind and this little-mermaid-inspired hair color is nothing short of yummy. If you are going for a fierce and edgy look, this is your spice.

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