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10 Dashing Celebrity Looks To Replicate This Weekend

10 Dashing Celebrity Looks To Replicate This Weekend



stitch in time saves nine. That’s also an acceptable style approach. If you’re always particular about your weekend style, then preparing beforehand can do a lot of good. This way, you avoid the trap of getting caught up in a style rut and stay inspired all weekend long. One place to always draw insight is from the closets of celebrities who render dapper coordination, and that’s why scouting for relatable looks is something I love to do for fun.

Note that, when it comes to fashion, it can be exciting to take a cue from celebs and follow accordingly. However, this can lead to a lack of originality and authenticity in your personal style. Always remember that fashion is about self-expression and creativity, so the aim isn’t to blindly copy every celebrity’s look. Instead, celebs should serve as an inspiration to create your unique rendering. Take note of the pieces that catch your eye, and analyze how they can be incorporated into your wardrobe. By doing so, you can develop a style that reflects your personality and individuality, while still drawing motivation from your favorite star.

Check out these celebrity looks you should recreate this weekend…

#1. The sheer bling: Kat Graham in Naeem Khan

Photo: @katgraham/Instagram

Kat Graham looked stunning in her Naeem Khan mini dress, which beautifully incorporated cultural and traditional Indian elements. The long-sleeved dress featured intricate decorations all over, adding a touch of glamor to the look. To complement the dress, she opted for sheer tights adorned with similar embellishments and completed the outfit with a pair of sleek black pumps and an embellished purse.

#2. Leather stripes: Fantasia in Laruicci

Photo: @tasiasword/Instagram

Fantasia has a reputation for stunning photoshoots, and this latest one is no exception. The seasoned singer rocked a Laruicci color-blocked leather zest zip dress that oozed a sense of drama. The star opted for dual-colored tights that perfectly matched the leather dress and black strappy pumps to boot. The bold color blocking of the dress, coupled with the unique zip detailing, made for an edgy and fashion-forward look. Additionally, the choice to pair the dress with matching see-through tights added a cohesive element to the outfit.

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#3. Hip varsity: La La Anthony in PrettyLittleThing

10-celebrity-looks-you should-replicate-this-weekend
Photo: @lala/Instagram

This casual getup is one of the celebrity looks you should replicate ASAP. LaLa Anthony made a stylish entrance in her PrettyLittleThing ensemble. She donned a chic white mock-neck crop top that perfectly accentuated her figure and paired it with black skinny trousers. To add a pop of color to the mix, the actress rocked an eye-catching orange varsity bomber jacket with white sleeves that beautifully complemented her skin tone. Finally, striking contrasting-colored sneakers were used to complete the look. And that’s how you do sporty chic.

#4. Silky dress: Jodie Turner-Smith in Gucci

Photo: Getty Images

At the 2023 Star Wars celebration, Jodie Turner-Smith made a stunning fashion statement in an orange Gucci attire. The actress slipped into a vibrant-hued silky dress that featured a flattering belted waist and circular neckline with a V-cut. To complete the outfit, she paired the dress with metallic boots which was the edgy cherry on top of this ensemble.

#5. Chic street style: Vanessa Hudgens in SimKhai

Photo: @thehapablonde/Instagram

All-black everything is always a go-to weekend style option, and Hudgen’s SimKhai look agrees with this fact. The actress wore a chic black mock-neck crop top, which perfectly accentuated her toned physique. She paired this with a stylish wrap mini skirt. To intensify the outfit, the actress donned a black leather jacket over her shoulders and a pair of trendy black platform sandals that vamped up the ensemble.

#6. Comfy two-piece: Angela White in Unknown Union

10-celebrity-looks-you should-replicate-this-weekend
Photo: @blacchyna/Instagram

Ms. White chose relaxed chic as her day-in-the-studio look. She rocked a natty two-piece that was both comfortable and refined. The outfit featured a chic long-sleeved top with a unique half-checkered design and sleek pants with the same design. The patterns created a cohesive and visually striking ensemble. Because White is always on some next level ish, she spruced up the outfit with a pair of Givenchy animal skin-designed platform boots.

#7. Denim biker: Desi Perkins in H&M, Sami Miro Vintage, and Icon Denim

Photo: @desiperkins/Instagram

Desi Perkins looked effortlessly chic during her day out with the girls wearing a simply voguish fit. The ensemble consisted of a vibrant red T-shirt from Sami Miro Vintage, paired with a high-slit denim skirt from Icon Denim. She completed the look with a trendy brown leather biker jacket from H&M. Taking things a bit further, Perkins rocked knee-length black boots and a small black handbag for some extra pump.

#8. Leather way: Jordyn Woods

10-celebrity-looks-you should-replicate-this-weekend
Photo: @jordynwoods/Instagram

Jordyn Woods‘ street style is simply one for the books. She effortlessly pulls off back-to-back chic looks that prove her style is no fluke. Woods rocked a stylish black crop top paired with washed boyfriend jeans that flawlessly made an impact. To add an extra layer of sophistication to her ensemble, she threw on a trendy tailored leather coat. The sturdy black boots, black handbag, and curly updo were the exact details this rendering deserved.

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#9. Delightful neutrals: LaToya Tonodeo in Fendi

Photo: @toyofficial/Instagram

When you think you’re done with clothes, they scream, “Watch this.” LaToya Tonodeo took the neutral route in a stylish white cutout crop shirt and paired it with cream-colored culottes. The combination created a visually striking ensemble. To continue the delightful offering, she opted for neutral-toned sandals and a Louis Vuitton purse that set this look apart.

#10. Single-tone marvel: Ryan Destiny

10-celebrity-looks-you should-replicate-this-weekend
Photo: @ryandestiny/Instagram

Ryan Destiny proved to be the epitome of elegance in this stunning outfit. She rocked a black oversized sweater with a black wrap mini skirt that was totally based. Because footwear always has the propensity to move your outfit from zero to a hundred, she slipped a pair of Giaborgihini knee-length boots into the mix. And there you have it, a baddie and more.

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