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Last Week, Black Stars Embraced Ease And Practicality In Their Style

Last Week, Black Stars Embraced Ease And Practicality In Their Style


With December inevitably comes the colder climate and necessary sartorial changes, as thicker fabrics are pushed to the front of our closets. Over the past week, as Black stars headlined concerts, attended movie premieres, games and holiday events, it became obvious that in closing the year they’re choosing to embrace ease and practicality in their style

The Looks

Last week’s dose of an all black ensemble came courtesy of South African fashion designer, Rich Mnisi. All black isn’t exactly a color palette the South African goes for. However, the look was a change of pace for Mnisi, who wore a black coat from H&M’s Circular Design Story collection for the brand’s campaign shoot. The coat, made from vegea, a sustainable fabric, was matched with a pair of black glossy boots from H&M as well. After a long year of serving amazing colorful looks, it feels good to see Mnisi in black.

For his appearance on “Good Morning America,” Michael B. Jordan embodied the mood by lighting up the walkway in a green monochromatic number from Loewe. The star actor took to carry out his celebrity duty in a man olive shirt, a pair of forest green pants and a to-die-for army green trench coat from the luxury brand. Already a high fashion yet minimalist look, Jordan amplified his ensemble with a pair of black loafers from Duke + Dexter and a pair of black sunglasses.

Festivities and other events kept the world’s most stylish Black men on their toes last week, where the big takeaway was easy, practicality and of course, holiday style.

Check out the fashion statements from last week’s best dressed Black men…


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Michael B. Jordan

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Adekunle Gold

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Russell Westbrook

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Jamal Adams

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Elly Karamoh

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Allen Onyia

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Trevor Jackson

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Rich Mnisi

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Idaniho Saldanha

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