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Last Week, Black Stars Kicked Off The Festive Month In Vibrant Allure

Last Week, Black Stars Kicked Off The Festive Month In Vibrant Allure


The days that lead up to the holidays in December may be a time focused on family and introspection, but the season always brings out an array of festive fashion too. Last week, as they went on their regular duties, the best-dressed Black men aimed to spread festive cheer and style in colorful apparels.

The Looks

A lighthearted, joyful sensibility united the best looks. For his The Hollywood Reporter cover shoot, Actor and producer Michael B. Jordan posed for the camera in a lightweight look from New York clothing brand, BODE. In a white and red crocheted camp-collar shirt, mixed colored pants, both from BODE, and a pair of white Christian Louboutin shoes, MBJ owned the daring style that has become his signature.

Floral prints and festive colors seem to feel appropriate as the holidays draw closer, and for the GQ Men of the Year 2021 Awards ceremony, South African Creative Director, Trevor Stuurman delivered both in a Gucci two-piece suit. The green base color with the red floral prints on it was ideal for the upbeat fashion event. A colorful formal look in the middle of an annual event, Stuurman’s look was the perfect introduction to the festive month.

Other Black men made an entry into December in equally appealing attires while delivering a welcome dose of festive cheer and style. The best dressed men last week provided a moment of colorful serves just in time for the holidays.

Check out the fashion statements from last week’s best dressed Black men…

Steve Harvey

Photo: @iamsteveharveytv | Instagram

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Michael B. Jordan

Photo: @michaelbjordan | Instagram


Burna Boy

Photo: @burnaboygram | Instagram


Jordan Clarksons

Photo: @jordanclarksons | Instagram

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James Harden

Photo: @leaguefits | Instagram


Adenola Adepetun

Photo: @denolagrey | Instagram

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P.J. Tucker

Photo: @miamiheat | Instagram


Trevor Stuurman

Photo: @trevorstuurman | Instagram


Steve Harvey & Elly Karamoh

Photo: @elly30 | Instagram


Akin Faminu

Photo: @akinfaminu | Instagram

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