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9 Best Makeup Tutorials For Dark Skin Girls: From Office Glam To Date Night

9 Best Makeup Tutorials For Dark Skin Girls: From Office Glam To Date Night


There was a time when dark-skinned women could barely find anyone who looked like them on YouTube to show them the right way to apply their makeup. Thankfully, those days are far gone, and today we have tons of YouTube makeup tutorials for dark skin women. 

We can all agree that black women have long suffered from under-representation in the beauty industry. There still lies the challenge of getting the right products, especially when you don’t have the time to mix and match. But change is here, thanks to beauty brands like Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty, who see to it that every skin tone is a priority. With this in mind, be sure to buy makeup from brands that specifically cater to your black skin. Make up tutorial dark skin videos.

Thanks to all the dark skin beauty influencers who decided to change the status quo. Surely, these ladies took the bull by the horns and created makeup tutorials for women who look just like them. The problem now lies in sifting through so much content to get the best of the best. That’s where we come in.

With their makeup tutorials, these beauty influencers have taught us the importance of understanding our skin tone, color-correcting, the best ways to apply our foundation, the proper applicators to use, how to draw our brows like pros, and much more. They have literally helped us upgrade our makeup game to Hollywood status, with tutorials available for any event you could think of.

As usual, we are making the search easier for you by curating nine of the best makeup tutorials for dark-skinned women to slay at a variety of events. 

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#1. Date night by Teira Walker

When prepping for a first date or out with le boo, you sure don’t want to overdo it in the makeup department. This is especially important if it’s a new man because you don’t want him to think you are trying too hard. Except, of course, overdoing it is your style.

In this tutorial, popular influencer Teira Walker kept her glam subtle, and that is what you should do. Remember, this is not the time to experiment with the new products you are yet to try. Use products you’ve already worn before to avoid any last-minute surprises that could ruin the night before it even starts!

#2. Vacation glow by Patricia Bright


When on vacation, especially during summer, you want to make sure that you look all glammed up and glowing for any special event during your trip. Patricia Bright, in this tutorial, tries out bronzers for the first time, and in case you didn’t know, your bronzers can double as your eye shadow as well as your blush. This, of course, depends on the final look you are gunning for. For the final glow, she used a body luminizer that’s perfect if you will be exposing your shoulders.

#3Office glam by Ella Rie

One thing about wearing makeup to work or a Zoom meeting is that you can’t afford to do much so you’re seen as too vain. With your office glam, you have to be on point and keep things as natural and as subtle as possible. Beauty blogger Ellarie achieved that with this look. The soft glam is also one you can wear while running errands or on casual dates like movie night.

#4Formal event glam with Makeup by Shayla

Formal evening looks are about going all out. So, if you feel like doing the most—eyes, lips, and all—go for it. However, Shayla kept the drama to her eyes alone as she opted for a smokey look and nude-inspired lips. With makeup for formal looks, the dress you are wearing also plays a huge role in determining how bold or muted your makeup should be. 

#5Nude glam by Nyma Tang

On some days, you want to have a look that blends in with your skin. And if you are as beautifully dark-skinned as Nyma Tang, this is one of the best nude glam make-up tutorials you will find on YouTube. Nyma is one of the darkest-skinned beauty influencers out there, and I love how she embraces her rich skin tone and has set out to help women just like her. This is one look you can wear about town or even to the office.

#6Night out glam with It’s My Raye Raye

One fear every woman has, especially when she does her makeup, is: “what will it look like when I take a picture with my flash on?” This is a legit worry, and Raye Boyce solved that problem with this tutorial.

This is one look to master as it can work for almost any event–from girls’ night out to weddings. The best part about this tutorial is that the products used are affordable—no need to break the bank when you can spend all that money on champagne. Just kidding!

#7Concert ready by Jennie Jenkins

When you have to attend a concert or an event where there will be many people, then sweatproof makeup should be your go-to. No lady wants to be all sweaty or have makeup dripping down her face, or spend precious time combatting oily pores. This tutorial by Jennie Jenkins takes care of all your sweaty worries. With a look like this, you can go out all day, have fun and not worry about ruining your look with sweat and waking up to drippy, tagged photos of yourself on Instagram. Good relief!

#8Family gathering glam by Oré Otun

Sometimes, family gatherings can be stressful, especially if you come from a huge family. You will be meeting up with relatives you haven’t seen in forever, and everyone wants to know what everyone has been up to. The last thing you want to do is get stressed over your makeup look for the day. You want to be able to enjoy the great food and still look like the bomb diggity in ALL the pictures that are heading straight to Facebook!

You might be tempted to want to do a full glam look, but with this makeup look on Oré Otun, it won’t look like you tried too hard––and no one will feel the need to remind you how they ‘remember you in your diapers before you could hold a lipstick properly.’ Your glam and glow will be obvious without actually doing too much. See make up tutorial dark skin girls and women.

#9Party-ready glam by Jackie Aina

If you are Nigerian, you can agree that when that aso ebi is ready, you know your makeup game has to be on point! With party make-up looks, the eyes are where the magic happens–think bright and bold! For this makeup tutorial, Jackie Aina did well to focus on African-owned makeup brands as she showed us how to nail a party/owambe-ready look, and we love the result.

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