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Simply Lovely: 5 Makeup Looks That Are So Easy To Do

Simply Lovely: 5 Makeup Looks That Are So Easy To Do


When last did you get out of bed early, get dressed, and wear makeup? With the pandemic, an easy guess would be months ago, right? Now, things are starting to ease up, as you’ve already noticed—not the pandemic, though—but offices, restaurants, and entire cities are opening up with new safety protocols for operation.

We know that you would be resuming the new normal soon, and you want to be able to get up and get ready without much hassle, but we also know how hard that could be, especially when you’re constantly wondering when things will finally return to “normal!” The good news is, as usual, we have put together the best easy makeup tutorials to get you ready in record time. Easy makeup looks.

All the looks featured here are easy to do. I’m talking within 10 minutes if you already have a good knowledge of where what goes.

Check out 5 of the easy makeup looks that we love…

#1. Eyebrows on fleek

Nellie Roberts

As old as this phrase is, it won’t be irrelevant anytime soon as most of us want our brows arched to perfection and shaded properly. You don’t have to spend so much time on the perfect brow with this Nellie Robert easy brow tutorial.


#2. Easiest Wing Eyeliner

Ronke Raji

Spicy mommy and beauty influencer Ronke Raji has one of the most explanatory videos on wearing winged eyeliners. Her pro tip is to fleek the wing and not draw it on as many people do. See what she means in this video.


#3. Soft Skin finish

Alissa Ashley

We all want the natural makeup look that makes it look like we’re not actually wearing makeup. Beauty Influencer Alissa Ashley is with you on that, and she has all the best tips for blending and the best products that will sink flawlessly into your skin.


#4. Just a few products needed

Slim Reshae

You don’t even need to break the bank to purchase makeup products. Slim Reshae taught us natural makeup with just five products in simple steps. Keep watching if you want to take your makeup game a bit farther.


#5. Easy Eyelash Falsies


If you’re feeling a little fancy and want to spice up your look further, eyelashes are a really sexy way to go about it. YouTuber and Atlanta Realtor She’kia Renea shares a short 5 minutes tutorial on how to wear lashes like a pro. All you need for this are some lash glue, a pair of tweezers, and lashes. It’s as simple as 1…2…3. 


Bonus Tip: Quick hair day


Now that your makeup is set (I hope you didn’t bother with the lipstick, you should be wearing a mask), get your hair fixed just as quickly. It starts the night before, but beauty influencer Lisette swears by these hairstyles, how easy it is, and how diverse it can be. Natural hair? No problem, this hairstyle is quick and easy.

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