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Last Week, The Best Beauty Looks Reminded Us Of The Beauty In Diversity

Last Week, The Best Beauty Looks Reminded Us Of The Beauty In Diversity


Do you know what true beauty looks like? It’s the expression of individual beauty from the inside out. Last week, we not only saw true beauty but a diverse range of it in the form of bold creativity by Black Women across the world. Imagine our excitement seeing all shades of melanin represented and celebrated for what it truly is, ‘beautiful’. Instagram beauty in diversity.

The boldness in subtlety

We kick off with the word, ‘radiate’, which was the case of Michaela Coel for British GQ. The actress, in this shoot, radiates natural black beauty and the power in femininity. Everything from her cheek bones to her eyes, nose, lips and hair is a show of inner beauty breaking through the surface. Makeup artist Bernicia Boateng did her magic by accentuating this beauty in a subtle way that was resultantly bold and captivating. Beautiful black women.

Still on simply accentuating inner beauty, Canadian artist and stylist, Mirian Njoh chose to highlight her lips, cheeks and eyes with a deep blush shade that instantly enlivened her gorgeous features. The softness of this look is in the flowers in her hair—the style itself, a slightly ruffled braided up do—and also in the way the earrings framed her face. Such divine beauty. Instagram beauty in diversity.

From massive afros to pink buzz cuts, there’s even more melanin magic to adore.

Check out the best beauty looks from last week…

Michaela Coel

Mirian Njoh


Jemima Osunde

The joy in the smile of Nollywood actress Jemima Osunde left us smiling in admiration. With all this beauty, it’s bound to be a great week for us all. Do you agree?

Nandi Madida

The boldness in pearls

South African actress, Nandi Madida interpreted bold beauty in the form of pink-colored hair. Adorned in Victorian gloves and rocking the pearl makeup trend around her eyelids, she was totally herself and she did it all with grace! Pearls seem to be a theme in South Africa this week as content creator Mihlali Ndamase served us a blonde fringe and a pearl encrusted head band. Instagram beauty in diversity.

Mihlali Namase

Arnell Armon

The boldness in colors

Beauty influencer, Arnell Armon served us some Nicki Minaj vibes in her rainbow colored Trollz-inspired hairstyle. Her makeup was almost mute save a similar rainbow colored theme in her eyeshadow. Also invoking the power of bright colors, TV host, Mbali Mkhize gave us such a clean and fresh face beat with rainbow colored eyeshadow and full glossy lips. Don’t you just love a beauty look that is playful?

Mbali Mkhize

Anita Brows

The boldness in lips

Anita Brows and Ronald the 7th, two makeup artistes from Nigeria served classic bold lips to us this past week. We love how the lips tell a story of strength on such perfectly baked canvases.

Ronald the 7th

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