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How To Ace The Balletcore Makeup Look

How To Ace The Balletcore Makeup Look



alletcore is one of the many aesthetic crazes sweeping social media and runways alike. This style is obsessed with all things related to ballet and prima ballerinas. The look features soft pastels like baby pink, mint green, and buttery yellow that bring the soft touch the look is famous for. Balletcore draws inspiration from actual dancers — think creamy tights, stiff tutus, slippery pointe shoes, and floral crowns. However, if you think the full ballerina outfit is challenging to incorporate into your everyday wear because tutu doesn’t cut it for the office or groceries, then this is where Balletcore makeup comes in handy.

Balletcore makeup keeps the femininity and grace of a dancer while remaining wearable. It channels the ballerina aesthetic through glowy skin, bright eyes, defined brows, flushed cheeks, and soft pink lips. Just a few makeup tweaks can transform basic outfits into Balletcore showstoppers. Suddenly jeans seem oh-so chic with a messy ballet bun and pretty pink pout.

While the full ballet look may sometimes seem hard to work into real life, Balletcore makeup offers an affordable way to channel dancer vibes every day. Grab your tulle and hair ribbons, it’s time for that Balletcore beat. We’ve got all the tips and tricks to transform into a modern makeup prima donna.

Check out how to create the Balletcore makeup look…

  • Prep skin: Achieving a flawless, glowing complexion is key to perfecting Balletcore makeup. Start your routine by cleansing your skin to remove impurities. Then apply your favorite oil-free moisturizer and allow it to fully absorb to maximize hydration. Use a hydrating primer containing ingredients like vitamin E and hyaluronic acid before makeup application for smooth, even coverage and staying power.
  • Leverage pink blush: Rosy, flushed cheeks are essential for embodying the Balletcore vibe. Use a large, fluffy brush to sweep blush high onto the apples of your cheeks in soft, diffuse layers after applying your foundation. Blend up towards the temples, as well as back towards the edges of the hairline, so the color melts seamlessly. For added believable dimension, also lightly dust a touch of the same blush shade across the nose, chin, and just under the eyes where blood would pool during physical activity.

When selecting blush for Balletcore beauty, stick to soft, neutral-based baby pinks, peaches, and creamy corals that complement your skin’s undertone. The key is to keep the cheeks looking sweet, innocent, and reminiscent of having just pirouetted off stage. Try formulas that blend easily, without heavy pigment deposits, for a seamless, delicate flush.

  • Try silky eyes: Balletcore eyes should be soft, bright, and whimsical. Apply a luminous champagne, petal pink, or rose gold metallic shadow all over the lids using a dense brush or even fingertips for an intense foiled payoff. Blend the shimmery shade towards the brows and extend just slightly past the natural creases. This transports eyes to dreamy, romantic tutu land.

Optional: Line only the upper tight line with a brown or black pencil liner for subtle definition. Skip lower water lines to keep things fresh and youthful. Finish with 2-3 generous, wiggling coats of black mascara on curled lashes for enhanced wide-eyed oomph without visible clumps.

  • Get the pinky pout: The perfect pillowy yet controlled Balletcore pout balances the dreaminess of the other features. Line and fill in lips completely with a pinky nude or rose lip pencil to help feather out edges—layer on a hydrating, creamy lipstick formula in a lighter peach, pink, or coral shade. Avoid drying liquid mattes or bold reds — think of more satin finishes that won’t crack, feather, or overwhelm.
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  • Add the ballerina bun: Pull all strands neatly back into a slick high ballet bun to keep the spotlight on pretty makeup details. Use boar bristle brushes and edge control gel to smooth every hair into place. Wrap ends tightly into a bun shape before securely pinning and finishing with flexible hold hair spray. For added ballerina style points, weave same-tone hair ribbons in and out of the bun.

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There you have it — a complete guide to glowing Balletcore makeup. Feel free to customize elements to fit your coloring and style. Most importantly, relax and have fun channeling your inner Sugar Plum Fairy.

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