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Global Music Spotlight: Andrei Lucas Tells His Story Of Transitioning Into Adulthood On Upcoming EP Paradise Passé

Global Music Spotlight: Andrei Lucas Tells His Story Of Transitioning Into Adulthood On Upcoming EP Paradise Passé


Adulthood comes with a lot of experiences. For an immigrant in the unforgiving city of London, it not only comes with experiences but also challenges and vulnerability. This is the story London-based singer-songwriter, Andrei Lucas plans to tell the world with his upcoming debut EP titled Paradise Passé.

The 10-track indie record—which releases on May 21 and is produced by London-based producer and composer, Andrei Sora—is an indie-pop body of work layered with influences from other musical genres including electronic, neo-soul and dance. The fusion of these genres and the transition from experimental acoustic concepts to nu-disco elements resulted in the structured evolution allowing vocal diversity and versatility.

Paradise Passé is a metaphor which means the resolution of a chapter that marks the transition into adulthood. To Andrei Lucas, the EP is arranged cohesively so that it narrates the story of a young adult in today’s reality.

Photo: Andrei Lucas | Singer Andrei Lucas Music

In Andrei Lucas’ words, “Paradise Passé is a body of work addressed to the young people who are in tune with today’s realities and want to escape through music into a world of imagination, where all the cultural backgrounds are welcome in a safe space.”

Beginning the body of work is Distrust and self doubt which talks about mental health in today’s youth. The EP transitions into London baby, a song about a small town person coming to the city to make it big and fighting to succeed in an unforgiving place. The song is meant to become an anthem to the young people struggling to find their way, and trying to feel included.

The big move to the city is another song on Paradise Passé where Andrei Lucas sings about an overwhelming journey of self-discovery that leads to loneliness in an unforgiving city. Paradise Passé starts with Andrei Lucas asking the right questions: why one starts a journey to find success when the world is a lonely place. It ends with the artist swapping into maturity and owning who he is — a journey of introspection.

Paradise Passé aims to be a quintessentially pop record that finds common ground with today’s influences on today’s contemporary music world. | Singer Andrei Lucas Music

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