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8 Fashionable African Girls, You Should Be Following on Instagram

8 Fashionable African Girls, You Should Be Following on Instagram

Let’s be honest we all understand that there is a handful of Instagram accounts that just give us life, not just because these accounts are owned by literally the most stylish people in the world, but because while we are ogling at their expensive wardrobes we also get inspired these fashionable African girls.

The end of a season is fast approaching and rather than have you suffer from a major wardrobe FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), we thought to share with our Style Ravens a list of 10 fashionable African girls you should be following on Instagram right now. The only thing these ladies have in common is their love for fashion! Asides that their styles and personalities are so different and fascinating that we are sure you’ll find at least one of them to be a perfect inspiration no matter your style.

A look at the inspiring fashionable African girls below…


This attorney and Voyager is one who you would refer to as a strong black woman. She understands her body, dresses accordingly and appreciates her look. With her natural hair in tow, Cynthia is set to take over the world one stylish look at a time.

fashionable African girls

Zainab Balogun

Nigerian presenter and actress, Zainab view life simply and it reflects through her cool, easy, breezy, laid-back style. However, when it comes to the red carpet she takes no prisoner with her looks.

fashionable African girls

Sharon Ojong

This creative communication specialist and brand consultant is artsy and fierce and loves to play with colours.

fashionable African girls


If ever you need someone to remind you that thrifting can be fun & great then Grace Alex is that person. This lover of all things vintage and books is a ‘hopeless’ romantic and you can tell from her style.

fashionable African girls


Nikki Anyansi is a fashion consultant and content creator whose style is laid-back and banging at the same time. Nikki and her full mane plan to take over the fashion world while reminding us why 90s’ fashion was the bomb.


Kefilwe Mabote

South African socialite, blogger, and stylist to the elite, Kefilwe is a style maven and that’s a fact! Although her wardrobe is one of those with a thousand dollar pieces, her style is still worthy of following.


Mihlali Ndamase

As a YouTube content creator, strategic brand communication student and co-founder of the Siyassizana foundation, it’s not surprising that this young South African woman is fashion-forward to the core. Her style is off the chain. She can easily go from uber-chic to edgy and is totally authentic.


Pamela Madlala

What do you expect from a self-named fashion-queen? If you presumed ‘the best’, you would be right! This fashion store owner has been killing it since her first Instagram post.


Are you currently following any of these fashionable African girls? If so, what do you think about their unique style?

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