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Mental Mondays: 7 Effective Ways To Become Emotionally Resilient

Mental Mondays: 7 Effective Ways To Become Emotionally Resilient



etisha convinced herself never to shed a tear about this matter again, but here she is weeping profusely while guzzling her eighth shot of tequila. Annabel, her sister, has advised her to see a therapist, but she can’t get herself to do that. All her life, she’d been told therapy is for losers, and she can’t see beyond that, even with the way society is heavy on mental health awareness.

To be honest, being heartbroken and stressed is a marriage ceremony no one would be willing to attend, and Letisha doesn’t seem to be handling it well. With every day that passes, she becomes more overwhelmed and would rather regurgitate past events. And like a diabetic wound, healing is slowly taking its time to respond. It’s obvious her emotional resilience is on the low, and something has to be done before she finally loses control of her mind.

What is emotional resilience?

Emotional resilience is the ability to deal with stressful and unexpected situations without becoming overwhelmed by the situation. It also determines how, and if, a person bounces back from the challenges. There are factors like age, past experiences, and lifestyle choices that could affect a person’s resilience.

These 7 helpful ways to be emotionally resilient might be what’s been missing all along…

#1. Pay attention to yourself

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It’s much easier to have emotional stamina when you love yourself and are self-aware. This form of self-love is beyond a luxurious spa day, but down to the nitty gritty of compassion. Even when we let everyone off the hook, we tend to set unrealistic expectations of ourselves and speak harshly when things don’t go as planned. Learn to speak to yourself with kindness, and always try to be present in the moment. Listen to your body, take note of how you feel, and adopt a lifestyle that resonates with you.

#2. Tackle your fears

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When we avoid challenging situations, they appear magnified and overwhelming. But when we tackle the issues head-on, their true feeble state becomes revealed. In this case, “if it doesn’t kill you, it’ll make you stronger” is the best way to describe this method of becoming emotionally resilient. It’s usually the fear that cripples us, not the actual subject. When we walk over it, the fear is gone, and we mutter “that’s it, that’s all?” Next time, there’s enough courage to do it again, graciously.

#3. Connect to a higher power

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Individuals who lean towards spirituality have been found to lead more emotionally-balanced lives. They key into the spiritual resources available when faced with challenges, and seem to have more inner stamina to tackle issues. Belief systems serve as a guide and help individuals feel safe and supported. When a person has strong moral and spiritual roots and is selfless, it sometimes keeps them going no matter the situation.

#4. Keep going

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To become emotionally resilient, you need to have a persistent approach to life. This doesn’t come naturally to everyone, but can be mastered by all. Develop your mindset to be tough: “it doesn’t matter what happened today. I’m going to show up again tomorrow.” When life continues to take swipes at us, and we make a resolve to bounce back and continue, soon we learn to dance to the rhythm and understand all the moves.

#5. Have a sense of purpose

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There’s no stopping a person passionate about their life’s purpose. Most individuals who show up every day have a strong sense of purpose. A man who believes he was made to be a certain way will likely pay the price to get to his destination. They have a vision for life, and when they become exhausted, this passion remains like fire in their bones. This was the case for men like Martin Luther King jr. and Nelson Mandela.

#6. Be flexible

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One of the reasons people are emotionally stressed is because they’re close-minded. When you’re set on your ways and refuse to adopt new and helpful ways to tackle issues, you become stuck and frustration kicks in. Understand new coping strategies as they relate to varying situations. This way of thinking easily solves situations for open-minded individuals. When you know that there are many ways to kill a rat, you rarely throw in the towel when one method fails.

#7. Have a formidable support system


Consciously building a trusted network of support is one of the healthiest ways to become emotionally resilient. To have people we can speak to in difficult times keeps us positive with a can-do attitude. Never underestimate the power of a support system, and ensure isolation doesn’t get the best part of you during challenging phases of life — it’s a trap set to drain you.

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