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7 Best Romantic Comedies To Stay Loved Up Into The New Year

7 Best Romantic Comedies To Stay Loved Up Into The New Year



t’s officially movie-binge season and the perfect time to see any Christmas movie you’ve had on your list for a while. It’s also the time of year to share hearty laughs and exude a lighthearted vibe without the pressure of work stringing alongside your relaxation plans. If you’re looking for some funny, heart-warming films to watch in 2022, your holiday priorities are in order. From hilarious love stories to classic rom-com that will make you laugh and cry, these movies will keep you and your loved ones entertained into the new year.

Check out 7 of the coolest romantic comedies in 2022 to end the year with…

#1. Book of Love

The protagonist of Book of Love is a stiff English author whose most recent book has flopped spectacularly. However, he is shocked to learn that it is successful in Mexico. So he visits Mexico to market it and learns that his Spanish translator, Maria, turned his unsuccessful novel into an erotica, which is why it has been so successful. Then, when the two are requested to participate in a book tour, arguments ensue.

The sizzling summer feel of Mexico combined with the heated chemistry of the main characters makes this the ideal summer romantic comedy. Fans adore Book of Love for its multicultural themes and carefree vibe. It doesn’t have the same depth or emotional impact as other rom-com, but it’s perfect for a chill night in.

#2. Marry Me

Jennifer Lopez’s latest movie follows celebrities, Kat Valdez and Bastian as they prepare to wed in front of a large international audience. But just before their wedding, Kat learns that Bastain was unfaithful, so she chooses to wed a spectator instead.

Lopez is the star of this movie, which allows her to showcase her acting and singing skills. It’s the ideal swoon-worthy watch because of the obvious chemistry between the main characters — Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson. Marry Me is ready to defy fans’ expectations because it is one of the romantic comedies in 2022 that’s humorous, lighthearted, and intelligently played.

#3. I Want You Back

This movie centers on Emma and Peter, a couple who believed their relationships were secure due to their marriage, homes, and children. But when they both get dumped on the same weekend, everything changes. When they realize their ex-partners have moved on, they come up with a strategy to try to get them back.

The entire cast turns in fantastic performances that lift the rom-com above typical fare in its genre. It may occasionally be a little silly, but pleasant and healthy scenes balance out those moments.

#4. Bridgerton

In the second season, Anthony Bridgerton, Daphne’s brother, is the primary character and is involved in a crazy love triangle, rather than Simon Bassett and Daphne Bridgerton. Anthony plans to wed Edwina Sharma, but first, he must obtain the approval of Kathani (Kate), his future wife’s older sister. Kate is a confident, outspoken, and strong-willed lady. Although she is not the kind Anthony needs as a wife, he can’t help but fall for her. 

#5. Persuasion

Love Bridgerton and historical romances so much? Then you must unquestionably watch Persuasion, which is based on Jane Austen’s final book. The main character of the movie is Anne Elliot, who was discouraged from marrying the modest Frederick Wentworth by her family years before. Now that they have reconnected, she worries if she will find love again.

#6. Moonshot

Cole Sprouse and Lana Condor play the main characters who smuggle onto a spacecraft to Mars in this futuristic sci-fi film set in a time when space travel is common and Mars is habitable. Feelings start to fly as Walk (Sprouse), who is hidden within the spacecraft and wishes to go to Mars, and Sophie (Condor), who wishes to be reunited with her boyfriend, both head to the red planet.

Fans can relate to Condor and Sprouse’s roles because they thoroughly embody them. Despite being set in a spectacular sci-fi universe, this commonplace and straightforward plot keeps the movie realistic. It’s one of our favorite romantic comedies in 2022 to watch because it’s packed with lots of funny and heartwarming scenes.

#7. Father of the Bride

Billy and Ingrid are on the verge of getting a divorce when their eldest daughter, Sofia, returns home to Miami and reveals she is engaged and intends to relocate to Mexico with her fiancé. Billy and Ingrid must put aside their disagreements to make their daughter’s special day as memorable as possible as soon as wedding preparation begins.

If you’re in love with heartwarming stories of young love, a classic rom-com with some hilarious hijinks, or a touching tale of two people finding each other again after years apart, these movies have it all. Get ready to laugh and cry your way into the new year with these fantastic romantic comedies.

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