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6 Ways To Switch Up Your Tie-Dye Game

6 Ways To Switch Up Your Tie-Dye Game



aise your glass for psychedelic prints that have become the life of the fashion party. Whether you’re willing to dive into this trend head first or you’ll start by testing the depth with your feet, there’s just the right amount of tie-dye to go around for everyone.

The past few seasons have witnessed a recycling of so many vintage trends that my nostalgic wardrobe is starting to look like a blast from the past, and I’m not even mad. Case in point, the tie-dye outfits.

This new tie-dye trend is more wearable as big brands release subtler and monochromatic versions as opposed to its renowned rainbow reputation. These subtle versions are perfect for you if you’d rather try out this trend in calmer variations and if you are not one to color up the streets with your outfit choices.

Contrary to popular opinion, tie-dye can be worn in different stylish ways because of its diverse patterns, colors, and designs. They’ve proven themselves worthy as they have transcended from the runways to our wardrobes with so much ease we wonder where they’ve been all our lives.

Although we embraced the tie-dye trend with open arms, there’s a clause often overlooked. If not worn the right way, you stand the chance of looking brighter than your average, and this is no compliment.

Check out 6 stylish ways to wear tie dye this season…

1. Stylish co-ord

If you are unsure how to rock a tie-dye look, you can begin by playing it safe in an ever-stylish skimpy two-piece outfit. Whether you choose your two pieces in shorts or skirts, it’s trendy regardless. Cinch on a belt for that form-defining look.


2. In classic tees

Oh, that many would come to terms with the eternal classic feel of the dependable T-shirts. If you want a laid-back look without portraying laziness, a tie-dye tee is the way to go. If you would be wearing it with shorts, then take it a tad higher in plain or colorful trainers. It’s summer after all.

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3. Paired with Ankara

The tie-dye and Ankara combo is a match made in heaven. They work so beautifully together it’s almost impossible to believe they are not the same fabric. Feel free to combine the two in the same or varying color schemes, they can do no wrong together.

4. Rock them in suits

This straight-to-the-point approach saves you the stress of thinking about what accessory to wear. Throw on a tie-dye blazer or complete suit as Ozinna has done below and then go low on the accessories. The more colorful the pieces, the easier it is to match with just any color of shoe or bag.

5. Pair with joggers

This is definitely one for those sporty baby girls. We know you love your joggers so much it’s a borderline obsession, but that doesn’t mean you should miss out on the tie-dye wave. Several stylistas are rocking the tie-dye with their favorite joggers and you should, too.

6. Matching shirt and pants

A vintage look right to the tee, rocking your tie dye in a matching shirt and pants is so effortless. To complete the look, you can wear it with pumps, loafers, or sneakers. Whichever footwear you choose to play around with it, this look is undeniably right.

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This retro revival is a welcome fashion movement and psychedelic prints especially tie dye can be worn across different age groups. That’s a huge plus, we stan!

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