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5 Ways To Style Thin, Fine, Natural Hair To Look Fuller | SR Beauty

5 Ways To Style Thin, Fine, Natural Hair To Look Fuller | SR Beauty

There are a lot of natural/afro hair queens with fine hair who get frustrated because they have read a few great articles on the web about growing natural hair, however, there is really nothing written specifically for ‘naturals’ with fine hair. There is a general misconception that all naturals have thick hair and this misconception can be misleading. How do you know your hair is fine? If your hair is really fine, the strands of hair will look nearly invisible when singled out. Fine hair describes the actual diameter (size) of a hair strand, while thin hair describes the number of strands per square inch. So it is quite possible for your hair to be fine in diameter and coarse in texture.

Styling natural hair can be very challenging for some while it comes easily to others. Styling fine natural hair can be a particularly challenging task. For inspiration in times of despair, many naturals turn to Instagram and YouTube – but for those with certain textures or densities, it can be hard to find inspiration that represents our current ‘struggle’.

There are many ways to enhance body and fullness, starting with a proper hair care regimen. Naturals with fine hair tend to be wary of twists, braids, and cornrows because they feel these styles would pull their scalps. However, this shouldn’t limit your styling options! Instead of twisting/braiding your whole head, just do a small section and let the rest be free! Look for styles that add volume to the hair like braid outs and twist outs. Just make your parts bigger so the resulting ‘out’ doesn’t still hold ‘marks’ of the parts used to create the style. Also, the fro works great for fine/thin hair!

Naturals with fine/thin hair can still be stylish! Here a few styles to check out!

1. The ‘Loose’ Twist Out


2. Fulani Inspired Do


3. The Braid Out


4. The ‘Loose’ Updo


5. The ‘Loose’ Flat Twists


Which is your favourite go to style for fine hair?

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