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5 Style Lessons From Menswear Blogger Akin Faminu To Help Improve Your Style Game

5 Style Lessons From Menswear Blogger Akin Faminu To Help Improve Your Style Game


We all know that a list of Nigerian menswear bloggers list isn’t complete if Akin Faminu isn’t in it. The young medical doctor who has carved a niche for himself in the fashion industry will not be forgotten in a hurry and he is definitely in a position to give notes on what to wear to up your style game without breaking the bank.

Here we go, 5 lessons to be learnt from Akin’s style…

1. Own a Statement Hat

In one of his first posts, Akin mentioned how most people knew him as the guy who always wore hats and it is something that he has kept up with after many years. A nice hat raises any outfit up a notch. From the wide-brimmed ones to the ones dubbed ‘Alhaji’, Akin makes the best use of hats to add some flair to his looks.

2. Suits Don’t Have To Be Boring

I personally prefer the casual side of fashion rather than the dapper side but Akin has a way of making suits look like fun! He almost makes me believe I can wear suits without memories of traumatic Christmas holidays where I was forced into oversized and uncomfortable ‘coats’. He does things by wearing suits designs with prints and cool fabrics rather than the classic suit fabric which we all can agree is pretty boring.

3. Take Your Casual Game Up The Notch 

Definitely my favorite part! When Akin styles casual looks he slays any day and all day. He ensures to keep the look simple and yet stylish by taking into account every piece he’s wearing and how they all relate so they form a perfect blend of an exquisite yet fun casual look.

4. Don’t Be Afraid Of Prints

In a time where minimalism and ‘black is the new black’ is all the rage, few people know the joys of wearing print and going the very opposite direction of minimalism. Akin does this effortlessly without slowing down on his slay game!

5. Accessorize! Accessorize!!  Accessorize!!! 

One of the most important lessons you will learn as a fashionable man is the importance of accessories. Menswear, though becoming wider with the inclusion of new stylish pieces and more options, doesn’t have a lot of alternatives to the trouser and shirt routine. What really sets a look apart from another is how you wear it and what you wear with it. That’s where accessorizing comes in. It could add your personal touch and it could elevate your look or do the exact opposite if done wrong.

What style lessons have you learnt recently? How do you slay consistently?

Photo credit: IG | Akinfaminu

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