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Beyonce’s Haircare Line Has Been Trending But Not For The Reasons You Think

Beyonce’s Haircare Line Has Been Trending But Not For The Reasons You Think



n the vast realm of beauty and personal care, discussions surrounding black hair have long been a topic of contention, often overshadowed by scrutiny. Speaking of black hair, in a cryptic Instagram post, Beyoncé teased an upcoming haircare line that was met with a wave of reactions. Interestingly, the announcement seemed to have sparked more negative reactions than positive ones. But why?

The recent reactions faced by the still-unconfirmed Beyoncé’s haircare line are just another example of how even the most well-intentioned efforts can become entangled in controversy. The black hair has indeed been through decades of trauma. However, it is essential to question this tendency to scrutinize anyone who dares to venture into the domain of black hair, as it only perpetuates harmful narratives and stifles progress.

Is Beyonce’s haircare line another opportunity to be toxic?

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It took me a while to gather my thoughts and pen them down because we can agree the world has gotten a bit too aware and sensitive. This is both good and bad, depending on what field it’s playing. The criticisms surrounding Beyoncé’s cryptic post are not unique. We can look back at the launch of Tia Mowry‘s haircare line as another striking example. Upon announcing her venture, Mowry faced comments asserting she was not “black enough” to speak about black hair.

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This raises a significant question: How many white women were applauded for having the best “white” hair before they were permitted to establish their haircare brands? Or how many were deemed “white enough” before being given the opportunity to venture into the haircare space? The double standard becomes apparent, exposing an underlying bias that restricts the contributions and voices of individuals from marginalized communities. Perhaps, we need to take a chill pill and realize that the more ubiquitous afro hair brands become, the normal it becomes to wear our black hair in diverse circumstances. Simply put, a win is a win.

Positivity over anything else

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It is crucial to acknowledge and appreciate the wisdom Black women possess regarding Afro haircare. Unfortunately, some people question Beyoncé’s understanding of haircare, disregarding the fact that she is a black woman who intimately understands the nuances and intricacies of caring for Afro hair. By recognizing and respecting the expertise of black women, we can overcome biases and controversies that undermine individuals’ invaluable contributions to the beauty industry.

I am aware that everyone’s been making a buzz about Beyoncé tour ticket prices, and now a haircare line. “Bey, don’t you have the same 24 hours in a day as we all do?” Well, the bag has to be secured and edges snatched alongside a resounding political statement. Rather than focus on the money-making venture Bey is embarking on, how about we realize that when someone like Beyoncé starts a haircare line, its effect is a globally resounding one.

The magic of Beyonce and Afro hair

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Afro-hair is diverse and unique and requires specific care that only those who have lived with it truly understand. Black women have a wealth of knowledge passed down through generations, encompassing various techniques, products, and styling methods. Their expertise extends beyond merely managing their hair; they have created an inclusive community where knowledge is shared and celebrated. By dismissing Beyoncé’s understanding of Afro hair, we perpetuate harmful stereotypes that undermine the wisdom accumulated by black women over centuries.

It is essential to recognize that launching Beyoncé’s haircare line wouldn’t be just a marketing endeavor, it could be a manifestation of her personal experiences and deep-rooted understanding of Afro hair. As a black woman, she has undoubtedly encountered the challenges and triumphs associated with caring for her natural hair. And rocking a wig doesn’t dispute this fact. Her line could be a testament to her commitment to sharing her knowledge and empowering others.

Another black haircare line will always be a welcome idea. And let’s not forget the influence Queen Bey wields. It will inspire other black women to embrace their natural hair, encouraging them to defy societal norms and expectations. It will also ignite a sense of pride and self-love, reminding black women that their hair is not a flaw to be fixed, but a glorious crown to be celebrated.

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