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5 Fashion Tips For Nailing A Video Interview

5 Fashion Tips For Nailing A Video Interview



s a result of the pandemic, a lot of organizations are becoming open-minded and embracing the fact that video interviews and working remotely could be as effective as in-person meetings. When we think about how to dress for a video interview, it’s expedient to know that employers pay attention to not only details about your delivery, and knowledge, but your dressing as well.

There’s a high tendency to slip up on your outfit because it’s a video interview and you’re not physically present, but remember videos don’t lie and the same intensity with which you would want to appear before the company in-person should match the level of enthusiasm virtually. Of course, you might not be required to wear heels and statement jewelry but a good appearance isn’t subject to debate.

Check out 5 effective tips on how to dress for a virtual interview…

#1. Dress up fully

Photo: Vlada Karpovich | Pexels

Certainly, it’s tempting to want to dress up just the upper half of our body assuming that’s all that’s visible anyway, but some interviewers might ask you to stand up during a video interview. This shouldn’t grab you unawares. Therefore, try on your outfit at least a day before the D-day and stay ever ready to slay officially. This speaks volumes about your serious approach to work and that’s one quality all employees seek.

#2. Don’t over accessorize

Photo: Matilda Wormwood | Pexels

This isn’t fashion week or a virtual girls’ hangout, so replace those hoops for simple but classy stud earrings. Even if you’re super knowledgeable about the role you’re applying for, too many accessories can distract you from what you have to say. You don’t want your fashion slay to backfire, do you? Yes Lucy, they sure will notice.

#3. Avoid large prints, shimmer and tops with inscriptions

Photo: Christina @ | Unsplash

While you might want to avoid plain old white or black shirts for fear of appearing washed out or overexposed (lighting terms), traveling to the other end of the spectrum with large prints, graphic tees or bold stripes is also a red flag. To dress for a virtual interview, opt for any shade of blue blazer or shirt and maybe a colorful brooch for that safe pop of color.

#4. Wear your perfect fit

Photo: Christina @ | Unsplash

Looks are everything, especially in front of a camera. Dress up with the same intensity as you would if you were meeting your interviewer in person. Wearing loose-fitting or very tight clothes is a turn-off when attending a video interview.

#5. Ensure you have good lighting 

Photo: Anna Nekrashevich | Pexels

The right lighting helps create better video quality. Just like we seek out the right lighting for our selfies, find a good position in your room where there’s an adequate amount of light. This could be natural lighting (sunlight) or a ring light. Then, sit pretty and glam the shine out of your video interview. 

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