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You’ve Never Seen Anything Like The Thom Browne SS20 Collection

You’ve Never Seen Anything Like The Thom Browne SS20 Collection

Thom Browne SS20 style rave

Over the years, Thom Browne has mastered the art of theatrical performances and has somehow merged it with clothing and costume making but nothing could have prepared us for the drama that is the brand’s SS20 collection.

Fashion enthusiasts got much more than they had bargained for as the show began in Paris. The entertainment was certainly next-level and so was the craftsmanship. But obviously, practicality wasn’t something the brand was looking to achieve with this collection.

The theme was an eighteenth-century garden party and this was reinforced when talented ballet dancer, James Whiteside of the American Ballet Theatre gave a performance clad in a seersucker tutu and a sport coat. As the opening act, he wowed the audience.

The Thom Browne SS20 collection was contextualized by sportier showpieces. The collection was made up of sport-inspired outfits and accessories made from pastel-hued seersucker – footballs, helmets, backpacks and brogue shoes. It saw all manners of sporting balls transformed into extreme fashion pieces.

It made for some perfectly structured silhouettes, funny shaped and a lot of fun. The heavy play on gender norms and the heels, however, seem to be just pieces for the runway. On a surface level, there is a lot to be said about masculinity and gender norms. That has been a topic talked about a lot in 2019 and this Thom Browne SS20 collection was the designer’s way of having fun with the subject.

We could say the collection found a striking balance between two entirely different professions; Ballerinas and Athletes. Both professions require a huge amount of discipline and skill to master in order to make near-impossible stances or catches. Maybe Browne made this collection to be open to various interpretations.

Here are 15 of the most dramatic looks from the Thom Browne SS20 collection…

Thom Browne SS20

Thom Browne SS20Thom Browne SS20Thom Browne SS20Thom Browne SS20Thom Browne SS20Thom Browne SS20Thom Browne SS20

Watch the show here…

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