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Why Ayurvedic Massage Should Be On Your Post Lockdown Bucket List

Why Ayurvedic Massage Should Be On Your Post Lockdown Bucket List


T he 2020 lockdown had us deep in sober reflection, as we finally realized that we’re all we have when the chips are down. We now know that nothing is promised and what we regret the most are the plans we kept procrastinating.

Now that things are gradually getting back to normal, it’s a good time to live life to its fullest while creating memories with your loved ones. Whether it’s travelling to your dream destination, finally pursuing your passion, or pampering yourself silly, today is the day to make those dreams come true. Speaking of pampering yourself, we have a suggestion on self-care that would make you feel every inch valued: ayurvedic massage. With all the anxiety we’ve had to go through this past year, relaxation isn’t really a bad idea.

What is an Ayurvedic massage?

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An ayurvedic massage is a type of massage that focuses on relaxation through the use of essential oils. It zones in on the skin rather than the underlying muscles. The process stimulates proper blood circulation all over the body using a skilled knowledge of the body and oils. Its outcome is a mind-body balance. Just what we need to ease all that built-up tension.
Ayurvedic massage focuses on the body’s energy points and expels emotional baggage. Bear in mind that if you’re allergic to essential oils, you might want to skip this practice.

Check out 5 benefits of Ayurvedic massage…

#1. Reduces blood pressure

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As we watch the news and are bombarded with not-so-pleasing stories, it’s likely that we may experience a rise in our blood pressure. The ayurvedic massage is known to relax the nerves, thus, increasing blood circulation and reducing stress.

#2. Helps to improve sleep patterns

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Due to the relaxing nature of the ayurvedic massage, it is almost impossible not to fall asleep thereafter. It goes a step deeper to ensure a better sleep pattern. That is to say that you wouldn’t experience spells of waking up and falling back asleep during your eight or so sleep hours.

#3. Its uplifts you mentally

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This massage creates a mind-body balance and improves the mental alertness of an individual. Consequently, it has a calming effect on you that keeps you mentally alert. You can be prepared to say goodbye to forgetfulness.

#4. It enriches the skin

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The heavy use of essential oils tailored to the individual leaves the skin nourished and glowing. This massage is sometimes called “the glowing massage”, and we can guess why.

#5. It is detoxifying


Sometimes we experience blockages and an overall slowdown in our bodies. This is usually as a result of accumulated toxins present in the body. This massage rids the body of toxins and revives it for better functionality.

The Ayurvedic massage is a whole practice that originated in ancient India but you necessarily don’t have to be a believer or be bothered by the eccentric terms to get the massage. The key ingredient is open-mindedness. Here’s to a better world!

Featured image: cottonbro | Pexels

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